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StarCraft Jokes

Top 10 Reasons To Take Drugs While Playing Starcraft

Top 10 StarCraft Pick Up Lines

The Zerg License Sketch - A Monty Python style joke :)

Why the Servers Really Go Down on the Weekends - The truth is out there, and it's funnier than you think :)

Conversation With a Ultralisk

It's Time to Put StarCraft Away When...

Top 10 Signs U Know Your a Protoss Fanatic

Top 10 Signs U Know Your a Zerg Fanatic

Top 10 Signs U Know Your a Terran Fanatic

Jokes about Anything

Three Wishes - It makes me laugh ;)

Presidents in Oz

Man Slamming - Not for men whithout a sense of humor :p

Dear Mom and Dad: - For everyone who was ever a scout or went to summer camp

Chelsea - It's hell being Clinton's daughter

The Millennium Bug - I love this comic

Having a Bad Day... - This guy found a unique solution :)

Two Digits for a Date - The programmers should appreciate this one :)

Letter Home From School...

Dirty Jokes - If your offended by these type jokes then do us both a favor and Don't Click It.

Fun Things to Do in Elevators

Honesty on the Internet - u like to chat? this ones for u :)

You Just Might Need Computer Training If ...

Pentium, OS/2, DOS.... do you really know what they mean???

" How To Install Software: A 12-Step Program "

Just a Little Redneck Humor

Been On-Line Too Long? Never!! Unless.....

"hehehe The Devil gets Creamed!" ok, this one really happened but i couldn't resist putting it here :)

Top 10 Things That Men Shouldn't Say in a Victoria Secret's Shop

Come In... David's Parrot... Jesus is Watching You

Bumperstickers We'd Love to See

Tickets to the Highway Patrol Ball

If Restaurants Functioned Like Microsoft

My Favorite Signatures

Christmas Jokes

Christmas In Space - Christmas with the Star Trek crew

The Xmas-Files - Christmas served up X-Files style

25 Christmas Ideas to Torture Your Roommate

Politically Correct Santa

How to Tell You've Been Really Bad

Twelve Days of Brood War

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