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Sex Sells - I'm still not buying

About a year ago I posted about Farah Houston's article, Sex Sells, but I'm not buying. I got a lot of great feedback and insight from ya'll on that. Time has passed and she's written a follow-up, Sex Sells - I'm still not buying. I think she's more angry this year than last :o

I still can't say that I agree with all she has to say, (although I love that that Sin banner shows up in her article), she just comes off a little too angry for me. She also doesn't address the area that bothers me most. I hate the way games geared towards girls are such lame predictible themes as Barbie (fill in blank). I find them insulting, boring and wouldn't buy them for an 8 yr old. When will gaming exec's realize girls like to do more than play with dolls?

So what would I like? Same thing I wanted last year. More female char options per class and it'd be nice if they had reasonably sized breasts or at least their boobs weren't fixing to pop out of the t-shirt. Course sometimes I don't mind strutting around like that, hmmmm. But hey I'll quit bitching about that as soon as I see some male chars walking around in a bildging thong :) Turn around is fair play and yes girls like to look too you know :p

I feel catering to one gender is unnecessary, but if game companies want to cater to the female gender, the first step I would probably recommend is putting a little more thought into storyline. (sorry but research shows we like a good story and I'm not going to argue with that). Next, and more important, gimme replayability replayability replayability! A game you'll only play once is a sad excuse for a game. Lastly, make an original game! I'm tired of ripoffs. Throw in some eye candy for the females out there, add humor (always appreciated) and I think it will appeal to both sexes.

One last thing, with the online multiplayer trend explosion, I think you'll see more girl gamers hitting the scene. The social interaction is great, the games are fun and where else can you find a hundred guys to talk with in one night? And the cherry on the cake... you get a chance to whoop their ass :) Ok I'll shut up now and take my foot out of my mouth cuz I'm sure I stuck it in there at some point :\ And if you took the time to read this whole thing, I'm impressed :) and well, umm... you got a thong?? :) Oops, there went that foot again, hehehe. Send the flames/comments here.

Sex in Games

There's an excellent article over at Gamecenter - Sex in Games - Should it be in them ? There's interviews with several ppl from all over the gaming industry, and tho it's a long article, it's actually a very interesting read. Hell the quotes from Gillian Bonner, creator of Riana Rouge, are worth the read alone. (if your wondering, NO! i don't have that game) hehehe i enjoyed Nikki Douglas's interview also. (i hate ultra feminists)

i have to say that i don't mind sex in games, not one bit, but it wouldn't make me buy the game either. and i'm sure there are ppl out there that like Riana Rouge, tho i doubt sincerely i'll ever play it. ( The one she has in production now, well....we'll see when it comes out. hehehe ) but it doesn't mean i want that type of game taken off the market. to each their own. for now i'll stick with blowing things up and if they want to stick a few sexy characters in thats cool with me. Gillian Bonner made an interesting point when she talked about the Dad letting his son watch all the violence in the movie, but when it came to the love scenes he covered his eyes. Why is it more acceptable for a child to see violence than a love scene?? :\ also i think ppl should keep in mind that any young child is NOT going to be able to shell out $50+ for a game, their parents will be doing the buying, so let the parents police the kids, not the censors. just my 2 cents. take it or leave it :)

Well off to finish the article now. Take a few mins from SC and give it a read. feel free to send me your comments/flames on it. I'd be interested to hear them. mail tender fury

Inside a Girl Gamers Head

Inside a Girl Gamers Head - What Do Girl Gamers Want?? - Well, being one i can answer that question.... we want great games! duh!?!? Why am i bringing this up? Amy Ng, editor of PC Games, wrote an article on what it takes to attract female gamers. While this is probably obvious to most ppl, it's still eludes some.

Do we really need more Barbie stuff?? And just because it's "girl" related why do game companies think girls will want to play it anyway?? A boring game is a boring game. Fact is girl gamers have always been around. The gaming industry is just finally realizing it and going nuts trying to make more money off it. (just my humble opinion here) Everyone has certain types of games they are drawn to i think. I seem to favor RPG's myself, i enjoy building the chars up and the story lines involved, but Ultima Online leaves me cold.. I also like fast paced games where i get to blow up alot stuff up :) And personally, replayability is very important to me also. I hate buying a game, playing it thru once and then... yawn.... been there done that. I'm fairly new to online gaming but i like pitting myself against, or teaming up with, another live person. i think it adds a whole new demension and makes it more unpredictable, challenging and enjoyable. So i dunno, i don't really think girl gamers are all that different from male gamers, but hey i'm only one person here...

Since i'm starting to ramble i better finish this up. I agree with _pretty_ much everything she has to say here. she does get a bit *itchy on the sexism page, but i guess she has a point. Some of those chars look pretty stupid walking around in shorts in an arctic setting :) My personal response to that is, just gimme a male version to choose and i'm happy. maybe thats a bit sexist and immature of me but hey i play to have fun. What the char looks like doesn't make or break the game for me. Well if your interested, read the article here. If u have any comments, opinions, or insights on this mail me, and i'll post them in the Features section.

Does Sex Sell ?

Does sex sell?? well sometimes :) i found this article in my news letter today regarding female gamers and game companies attitudes towards them. What?! u didn't know?? yes guys i'm a girl!! ah well who really cares. now i don't agree with all this article has to say, but it is worth a read. my personal response to this issue - do i want game companies to change their games for me..NO! do i care about the scantily clad women in games?...NO! i mean TR2's Lara doesn't bother me one bit, and i find those nude raider patches hillarious (yes guys i have the links, mail me and i'll send them on. personally, i find it fascinating some guy actually took the time to make all those patches hehehe) now all that said, what would i like to see change?? well i wouldn't mind seeing more scantily clad MALES !! :) equality, yeah thats what i want :) hehehe oh well a girl can dream... what do u think guys? would u still buy the game if they made it a little more interesting for us girls too?? mail me :) anyway if i still have your attention and you'd like to read the article, just click

i have gotten so many GREAT responses on this article that i added a page so u can enjoy them also. :) take a look...they're definitely worth the read. if u don't want your reply posted please say so in the email. looking forward to meeting ya'll on b.net .... DIE !! DIE !! DIE !! hehehe j/k j/k ....*wink*

Censorship in Art

Interplay in Trouble with Box Art - The cover of Interplay's new adventure game Of Light And Darkness depicts a naked angel woman curled up in the fetal position. Some retailers won't stock the game because of it. Now is this Censorship?? Do the stores have the right to say "no i don't want that in my shop??" Read the article, view the box art and then send me your comments. Email Tender Fury. i added my .02 cents at the end of the article.



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