The Gif Wars

The Gif Wars are getting so big I decided they deserved their own section. Here they are in the order they made their appearance. If you see one missing or want to add your own please email me (Tender Fury) Thanks and enjoy :)

The Latest entry : Zerganator 6: Make 'Em Say Ugh (by Dioxide)

All The Gif's

First it was just a cool animated gif called Zerganator: The Movie (by Dioxide)

Then it got bloody in Captain Planet (by Gargantua)

It got personal in Zerganator 2: Judgement Day (by Dioxide)

It became a full fledged war with Captain Planet2: Resistance is Futile (by Gargantua)

Now some others join the war.......

Probotron (by Miles)

A high school comes under Zerg attack in Zerg High (by Silly Ewok)

Hydralisk Boone: Boone Evolution (by Reverend Ekorre)

and Fire-Batman. (by Magmus) saves the South Park cast.

Teens defend their High School in Zerg High 2 (by Silly Ewok)

Captain Planet gets a new enemy in Frotoss (by Beo Wulf)

Zealord regrows Zerganator from Creep to fight alongside him against Probotron and Captain Planet in Zealord: Episode 1: Rebirth of Zerganator (by Krite)

Fire-Batman makes his second appearence when Hydralisk Boone and Zerganator kidnap Alfred in Fire-Batman: Kidnapped (by Magmus)

Zerganator makes a comeback in Zerganantor 3: MUHAHAHA (by Dioxide)

In response to so many other super heroes entering the war, Zerganator teams up with Hydralisk Boone for a kill fest in Zerganantor 4: Retaliation (by Dioxide)

Probotron shows his face again in Probotron 2: Megatron (by Miles)

Captain Planet teams with Fire-Batman to take out a disco crazed Frotoss in Fire-Batman: Staying Alive (by Magmus)

The latest entries (Feb 19) are Zealord II: Attack on Probotron's Homeworld (by Krite) and
Zerg High III: Ouch! (by Silly Ewok)

You thought he was Dead! Just goes to show you can't keep a good super hero down! Captain Planet returns in Captain Planet 3: Return to Dominance. (by Gargantua)

Zerginator is back at it in Zerganator 5: >=) The wars are getting ugly, he brought lawyers into it this time ! hehehe (by Dioxide)

Zealot Lee makes an appearance in Zealot Lee: The fight for justice (by Hawknight)

Zealot Lee comes back for more in Zealot Lee: Hitman (by Hawknight)

After the Mega sites were formed all was quiet for a time, Until SC.Org did the unforgiveable...stealing news headlines. Justice must be dealt. Check out The Nude Polka (by Hawknight) His best so far in my opinion, and the possible reopening of the Gif Wars!

Zerganator re-appears to dish out some serious whoop @ss on all the other would be heroes :) The latest "war" and maybe Zerganator's last appearance. Download Zerganator 6: Make 'Em Say Ugh now! (2mb, run time 1 min 22 sec) It's worth it :) (by Dioxide)

If u like these gifs, check out Gargantua's early movies The Beta Saga Trilogy. These were created during the long wait for SC to be released and are the best in my opinion :)

Missing Gif's

Spawn the Ghost - [by Balor18] - I recently came across an old news post that showed this entry in the GIF WARS but unfortunately I don't have a copy of it. If you happen to have one please email me.

Zerg High III: Ouch! - [by Silly Ewok] - For some reason I don't have a copy of this gif , so if anyone has a copy lying around please email me.

Zealord: Episode 1: Rebirth of Zerganator and
Zealord II: Attack on Probotron's Homeworld
- [by Krite] - The site for these has been taken down and I don't have hard copies of either of these gif's so if you happen to have a copy please email me. Thanks.

The Credits

there are currently 19 entries in The Gif Wars

Zerganator: The Movie
Zerganator 2: Judgement Day
Zerganator 3: MUHAHAHA
Zerganator 4: Retaliation
Zerganator 5: >=)
Zerganator 6: Make 'Em Say Ugh
by Dioxide of StarCraft: Infinity

Captain Planet
Captain Planet 2: Resistance is Futile
Captain Planet 3: Return to Dominance
by Gargantua of Planet Starcraft and Garg's Back

Probotron 2
by Miles at

Zerg High
Zerg High 2
Zerg High III: Ouch!
by Silly Ewok of (site unknown)

Hydralisk Boone: Boone Evolution
by Reverend Ekorre of Rule the Stars

Firebat Man
Firebatman: Kidnapped
Firebat Man: Staying Alive
by Magmus of Intestellar Federation Base

by Russell Miller

Zealord: Episode 1: Rebirth of Zerganator
Zealord II: Attack on Probotron's Homeworld
by Krite of (site unknown)

Zealot Lee: The fight for justice
Zealot Lee: Hitman
The Nude Polka
by Hawknight of Into the Unknown

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