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Hidden Pics

While using the MPQ Extractor, Gentarg found a hidden/missing Terran building in the file 'starbase.grp'. Mr. Burns also found some hidden stuff. So for your viewing pleasure... The Hidden pics from the Starcraft CD :

Terran 'StarBase'
A scenario-specific building (Like the crashed Norad II or the Ion Cannon) which was taken out earlier in production.

'Power Station'
Worked like a pylon does now.. move a Terran building outside of the power station (range) would either have lower production, or wouldn't work.

Command Center w/Addons
Waaaayyyy back in the beginning you could attatch all of a buildings addons to the building at the same time.

Early Seige Tank
probably the one that could change into a Tower (which got turned into seige mode)

Science Vessel with legs
Yep legs :)

'Weapons Facility'
This got turned into the Engineering Bay (along with a billion other things)

Yeun sent me a zip file of these hidden pics he extracted from stardat.mpq . Here are the images:

protoss gas cube **

terran gas barrel **

zerg gas packet **

Originally gas was brought to a refinery to be refined and then it was stacked outside the
building. Enemies could come along and steal them. Also when you killed and enemy, he
dropped the resources, they didn't get destroyed when he died.

portrait for minerals

Terran Phoenix
(Wraith was originally called Phoenix)

Old terran portrait for building *

Icons Left to Right

  1. Valkyrie * (taken out of SC, later returned in BW)
  2. Terran Repair Facility *
  3. Zerg Crystal Extractor? originally needed by Zerg to mine minerals
  4. Valkyrie Afterburners
  5. Roar - This was an Ultralisk spell (bloodlust) later taken out.
  6. Missile Tower Attack
  7. Zerg Critter? Interceptor?

Wireframes Left to Right

  1. Some kind of drop ship? (see the screenshot & cutscene below)
  2. Spysat: Terran Spy Satalite *
  3. Terran Repair Facility *
  4. Valkyrie *
  5. Interceptor? Looks like icon #7 above
  6. Early Tank (*?)
  7. Terran Phoenix (see screenshot below) later named Wraith

* - confirmed by blizzard

** - Gas and mineral packs carried by the workers are powerups, but are disabled. I guess clutter up was the problem

Old Pic - The Pheonix unit was later renamed the Wraith


Thanks Yeun :)

The Elusive SC Van
This is a joke that started when someone realized there was an actual "Starcraft" van. Sightings popped up everywhere and some ppl thought it was a hidden SC unit and thus the joke started, and for some reason it keeps popping up from time to time. Anyway, here is a pic made of the greatly sought after and elusive unit :p I believe this was originally made by X2. Click to view.

Things that were Cut from StarCraft :
Thanks to Jeremy Dunn for the following info...

There's more..but I can't remember them right now.. I guess we can add a Bomber to that charge.....

Here's a conversion of current buildings to their older names (Thanks to me poking around the MPQ...)


Terran Zerg

I also have some info about what several of the StarCraft units were to be called. I noticed this when looking at the names written on the wav files used for clicks and moving and stuff. - 4c6565

Sincerely, Jeremy Dunn

Sources for Info: Gentarg , Mr. Burns , Yeun , Jeremy Dunn, X2, Nathan, SC Infoceptor and SC.Org