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Soul horoscope functions are accessible from "Soul horoscope" menu. (See Using Starlogin)

Symbolic planets cycles

The symbolic planetary cycles calculation is done from the "Symbolic cycles" submenu in the "Soul horoscope" menu or by clicking on the "Revolutions" button and then on the "Symbolic" one in the appearing window.

soul.gif (45060 bytes)

In the corresponding window, enter the calculation final age (120 years maximum), and then click on the "Calculate" button to begin calculation. The results are then quickly displayed into the bottom window fields.

"Animation" can be checked or unchecked at any time to either animate the chart or not, keeping in mind that stopping the animation allows a markedly fastest calculation speed.

You can also interrupt or cancel the calculation at any time by respectively clicking on the "Stop" button or the "Cancel" button.

When the calculation is stopped, the "Cancel" button becomes "Recapitulation". Click on this button to display the results and to close the window.

symb.gif (36106 bytes)

Click on "Display Aspects" to get the following window showing the mutual aspects between the transiting (stimulating...) planets:

mut.gif (35924 bytes)

Click on "Chronology" the get the following window. In this one, you can get the chronology of stimulation and end of stimulation for a couple of stimulating planets on a couple of possibly stimulated ones.

chron.gif (31451 bytes)

On the example shown in the above window, the selected stimulating planets are Jupiter and Saturn and the stimulated ones are the Sun and the Moon. When you click on the "OK" button, you get the results for the current four selected planets.

This technique gives a glimpse of the possible future forecasting methods. The authors of the current software product give it as a curiosity. He is not currently able to interpret it.

Soul horoscope

Seed horoscope

The seed horoscope of an individual is calculated from the "Seed" submenu of "Horoscopes" one in the "Soul Horoscope" menu.

The seed horoscope of an individual indicates the karmic causes of his current incarnation and life. It must be interpreted in comparison with the natal chart.

To see the karmic interactions between two individuals, one must compare the seed horoscope of one of the individuals with the natal chart of the other one and vice versa.

Interpretation elements, as a guideline and very simplistic, to give some elements to the intuitive persons. (A purely mental access to the question is not desirable and is probably doomed to failure):

Signification of the aspects

Signification of the houses

Signification of the order number of the planets

(the seven traditional planets in order, taken from the Sun before 30 years old but from Ascendant after).

Ida et Pingala


Absolute value of (Relative distance between Planet and Sun) minus 90, translated on each side of the planet on the zodiac.

Example: Sun at 260 and Saturn at 95 give a Saturnian ida equal to (260-95)-90=75 on each side of Saturn.

But we also possibly do a modification of the result according to:

idaping.gif (6696 bytes)


Revolution period of the planet that is before the considered one (in systemic order: Mercury, Venus, Sun (for Earth), Mars...)

= Angular distance covered by the considered planet.

Example: the pingala of Jupiter is about 60 because Jupiter covers about 60 in two years (the revolution period of Mars).

Virtual pingala

Angular distance between the considered planet and the next one in the zodiacal order.