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Spirit, Soul and Personality

Spirit, soul and personality are the three aspects of an entity during its manifestation in the Shape in the course of reincarnation process. This one is roughly comparable to fishing. The "Monad" or "Spirit" is a fisherman that experiences several waters to get information and experience from them, and to increase his awareness in this way. The fishing rod is the soul that gives and conveys the awareness. The fishhook is the personality that takes information, lives experiences, sometimes becomes bogged down in the silt... Every time the fisher changes fishhook to plunge it into new fishing conditions, it corresponds to a new life, lived by a new personality. Becoming progressively more clever, perfecting his fishhook, he tends up becoming an ace of this activity, learning nothing more from it, and retiring! The Monad definitely withdraws from the physical plane and the reincarnation process stops when it becomes self-aware and when the soul has no more reason to exist.

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Subtle bodies of human

In addition to his dense physical body made of flesh, bone and blood, the man possesses subtler bodies, vehicles of particular aspects of his complex being:

Each of these bodies is constituted of a progressively more subtle and energy substance variety from the etheric to the causal. Conditioning energies - vital, emotional, mental or causal - drain out into fine channels whose crossings constitute the particular energy centers called chakras in Sanskrit.

These vehicles included one into the other, a little like Russian dolls, are connected to the physical body with two "subtle threads": the thread of awareness is attached to the top of the skull, and the thread of life attached to the heart.

At the time of an individual physical death, the thread of awareness and the thread of life are cut, and the etheric vehicle detaches itself from the physical body taking with it the other subtle bodies. The vital body roughly takes three days to disintegrate itself, while the other mingled bodies usually rise toward subtler vibratory planes than the terrestrial physical existence one. According to the hold of the emotional world over the individual, his or her astral body takes a more or less long time to disintegrate itself in its turn, time that can amount to terrestrial years or ten years. After the astral body death, the mental body one occurs. Once this one achieved, the individual or entity, in the causal vehicle, gets in touch with the fraction of soul remained on her own existence plane and then doesn't possess any conscious memory of his recent terrestrial incarnation. The memory elements, of vibratory and energy nature, stay in three subtle particles: the etheric permanent atom that preserves the vital awareness state, the astral permanent atom that preserves the emotional awareness state, and the mental unit that preserves the state of concrete mental awareness.

During the reincarnation phase, the entity moves away from the soul and rebuilds its subtle bodies around the mental unit and the permanent atoms. The mental vehicle is first elaborated around the mental unit, according to this unit state and to the karmic conditions. Then, the astral body is built around the astral permanent atom while combining itself to the mental substance. Then the etheric body is created around the etheric atom, in relation with the two other bodies. At this stage, these subtle vehicles are not more than relatively embryonic. Finally, the whole of these vehicles integrates to the physical body in the maternal womb and the thread of life is then connected at the time of the birth, the thread of awareness a little later. At the time of the first puff of air breathed by the new "re-born", the specific quality of this air and the ether that accompany it gives an indelible vibratory impression to every cell of the physical body. This phenomenon, added to the fact of the ether spatiotemporal universality and therefore of its presence in every entity of the universe, from the atom to galaxies via planets and men, partially explains why the astrology at least roughly functions.

During the sleep a relatively similar process to the death and the rebirth one takes place: the subtle vehicles leave the physical body and the thread of awareness provisionally comes off it, but they don't disintegrate and the thread of life remains connected to the physical body. The individual then lives events sometimes really different from the physical plane ones. He is capable of levitating, flying, teleporting, realizing objects, speaking to the physically dead people, deforming his body, and of any more other feats. He really makes it in his subtle vehicles, thanks to etheric, astral or mental substances, or looks at others when doing it and identify himself to the observed stage. Most of dream types stem from the more or less deformed memory of it that remains in mind when waking up after the subtle vehicle reintegration.

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The etheric body main energy centers are seven of them, located along the backbone:

In addition, the bile center has an energy dispenser function.

These centers possess their physical counterpart in the endocrine glands:

Center Gland
coronal epiphysis
ajna hypophysis
laryngeal thyroid
cardiac thymus
solar pancreas
sacred gonads
basal adrenals

One can see them as kind of lotus with more or less open petals.

These centers are not similarly active nor developed in a given individual, and their vibratory rate, their rotation angular velocity, their brightness, their opening degree depends on the individual awareness and the degree of control he has in the corresponding plane or life sector for each of them.