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The hourly astrology establishes a sky chart for an astrological event either past or future to find an answer to a question concerning this event. To find an answer to a question about a projected or future event, you can establish the chart for its considered moment or you can establish the chart of the moment where the question is asked.

Definition of the question to ask

Limit oneself to only one precise and lucid question (that must not be formulated for fun or by simple curiosity).

This one must contain an idea of effect, repercussion or consequence.

It must have a subject and an object obviously joined or not, such as:

Event chart calculation

When the event is defined and recorded (provisionally or not) in the database (see. Database and files), calculate it chart in the usual way (see. Menu and submenus and Tool bar buttons.

Preliminary examination of the chart

A first analysis permits to either keep or dismiss the question if need be:

Main rules of interpretation

Favorable nature of the answer to the question

Unfavorable nature of the answer to the question

Ambiguous nature of the answer to the question

Dating events (indicative but not systematic rules)

Planet situated in beginning of house: action in beginning of the consultant or the concerned entity life,

Planet in conjunction with the ascendant: action lasting all the length of the event,

Planet in middle of house: action in middle of life,

Planet in end of house: action in end of life.

When two signs occupy the same house, one can consider that the first especially acts during the first half of life or event, and the second during the other half.