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Hypnotic Control

This is also considered to be a Talent. The hero can dominate a target's behavior and actions by implanting commands, not by direct psionic control. The Hypnotic command may pertain to current conditions or lie dormant until triggered by future conditions (post-hypnotic suggestion).

Hypnotic controls come in 2 forms:Normal hypnosis cannot make a person perform any action that goes against his sense of ethics. However, the Power of Hypnotic Control can override the target's innate sense of morality by means of a red FEAT. Less conflicting commands involve only a green FEAT. Hypnotic Control can be established by any one of a number of means. These include specific gestures, words, songs, or devices. When creating the hero, the Player determines which method the hero uses.

The Intensity and duration of a Hypnotic Control are determined by the Power rank. In the case of post-hypnotic Suggestions, duration does not include the time prior to activation of the suggestion, but only the time the suggestion is actually in force.