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The hero can freely resist the pull of gravity. She can move vertically at Power rank speed, hover in place, or drift with the wind.

Limited horizontal movement is possible by pushing off from other objects. The maximum distances are determined the same way a normal leap is. If the hero possesses Hyper-Leaping, that can be used to greatly increase the distances the hero can propel herself.

A hero with this Power can never fall unless she is unconscious or purposely decides to succumb to gravity. The hero can develop a Power Stunt that allows the hero Levitate in her sleep.

The Power can always lift the hero's own weight. The hero can carry aloft additional mass. The amount is limited by her Strength rank. If the hero possesses Telekinesis, this can be used to increase her load-bearing capacity.

Levitation provides Power rank Resistance to high winds and fluctuations in gravity, whether these are natural or Power-related. Examples of Powers that might affect the Levitator include Matter Animation - Air, Weather Control, and Gravity Manipulation.

The Optional Powers is Telekinesis.

The Nemesis is Matter Animation - Air.

Range: See Above.