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The hero can generate intense magnetic force. The magnetic field may be centered on the hero's body or be projected at rank range. The field can affect anything susceptible to magnetism, attracting it with Power rank Strength. If the target itself is magnetic,the hero can attract it at +1CS or repel it at Power rank. The hero can induce magnetism into any materials that can sustain a magnetic field; these include ferrous materials, iron-bearing clays and plastics, and ferrous ores. The hero can do rank level damage to electronic devices by scrambling internal signals; this is especially effective against magnetic recordings and micro-chip dependent devices. This Power can affect other Powers. It can redirect Electrical Generation by a Ty Intensity FEAT if the other Power's rank is lower, a Rm Intensity FEAT if equal, and an Un Intensity FEAT if the other Power is higher. It can disrupt Electric or Magnetic Control and Energy Sheath or Energy Body, if either are magnetic in nature.

The Power has its drawbacks. It attracts some types of attacks if the hero is careless. Such attacks as Electrical Generation or anything using ferrous materials (knives, missiles) gain +2CS. This Power is its own primary Nemesis.

Range: Column A