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Mental Duplication

This is a combination of Powers that enables the hero to psionically study a subject's mind and then create a simulation of that mind within the hero's own brain. This is a great way to learn secrets and interrogate subjects who would otherwise be rather uncooperative (at best). The duplicated mind contains the personality of the original, most memories, and possibly the mental or psionic Powers of the original. The subject is unaffected by the Power and loses none of his own mental abilities. He is usually unaware that Duplication has even occurred.

The relationship between the hero's and the duplicate's mind takes 1 of 3 forms. The player must choose 1 form when he first creates the hero; this form applies for any duplicates the hero creates.

Detachment: The hero's mind is completely separate from the duplicate and retains full control over the body and other Powers. The hero can examine and communicate with the duplicate. The duplicate retains a facsimile of the original's will and may not choose to voluntarily cooperate with the hero. If the duplicate chooses to resist, the hero must make a Psyche FEAT whose Intensity is determined by the duplicate's Psyche rank. A successful FEAT means the duplicate will grudgingly cooperate(for now). The FEAT must be made with each new attempt to force cooperation.

The duplicate mind can attempt to overwhelm the hero's own mind. Success occurs if the duplicate makes a -3CS Psyche FEAT whose intensity is based on the hero's Psyche. The duplicate mind can attempt its coup at the initial duplication and at any time the hero forces cooperation. Success means the 3 minds' positions are now reversed; the duplicate now controls the body and any Powers for the duration of the duplication.

Example: Copicat successfully duplicates Dr. Doom's mind. Doom won't stand for anything resembling subservience and immediately rebels. Copicat has Ex Psyche; Dr. Doom has Am Psyche, reduced -3CS to Ex when attempting to overwhelm. The Doom-mind fails to make the required Ex Intensity FEAT. "Doom" decides to examine his situation; from the Doom-mind's point of view, "he" has been captured by means of a Mind Transferral of unknown type. Copicat is trying to get the Doom-mind to draw up a set of plans for his time machine. Unfortunately Doom's Psyche is too high for even a red FEAT.

Merge: The duplicate mind blends with the hero's mind to create a composite mentality. The new mind contains aspects of both minds' personalities, memories, and Powers. The new mind's Psyche is the sum of the original 2 Psyche ranks. The degree of each mind's influence is proportional to its original Psyche. Each original Psyche represents a section of the pooled Psyche. For example, Carboncopy has a Gd(10) Psyche. He merges with a Thing duplicate (Rm(30) Psyche), creating a joint In(40) Psyche. 1/4 of the joint personality is Carboncopy, the remaining 3/4 are the Thing.

Transformation: The hero's mind is automatically overwhelmed by the new mind. The hero's personality, memories, and mental Powers are temporarily replaced by the new mind. The effects appear identical to Mind Transferral, at least where the hero is concerned. The hero's Reason and Intuition are replaced by those of the original mind; after expiration of the Power, these return to their original ranks.
Regardless of the form, the hero must make a FEAT at the time of Duplication in order to determine the completeness of the duplicate mind. Any mind can be duplicated, regardless of its Psyche rank. The hero always duplicates the subject's personality and basic memories; the duplicate mind is an amnesiac. A green FEAT copies the subject's detailed memories. A yellow FEAT copies the subject's Talents. A red FEAT duplicates the subject's Mental and Psionic Powers.

The range at which the hero can duplicate a mind is determined by the Power rank.

The duration of the duplication is determined by the hero's Psyche rank. A duplicate mind has a duration of the number of minutes equal to the Psyche rank number. The duration decreases -1CS for all duplicate-minds with each additional mind. For example, Copicat's Ex(20) Psyche enables him to maintain 1 duplicate-mind for 20 minutes or a maximum of 5 minds for 2 minutes. If the hero exceeds his limit, the new duplicate-mind will last for 1 turn and then all his copied minds will vanish.

Note: The decreased duration only applies to the Detachment and Merge forms; the Transformation form can be used repeatedly since the latest duplication automatically erases the previous one.
When the hero is created, the player must determine how much control the hero has over his Power. Failure to make at least a green Reason FEAT means the Power functions automatically, despite the hero's wishes. In the case of uncontrolled Power usage, the range at which duplication occurs drops to Fb(Contact-only). The hero can maintain some control by covering all parts of her body that might normally touch another person's skin. For example, Rogue wears a full body covering complete with gloves.

In rare cases, the duration of a specific duplicate mind can be extended to permanence. Such cases result from a combination of extremely peculiar factors. One such example occurred when Rogue's Mutant Power interacted with Ms. Marvel's Kree-Modified Human physiology. The result is that Rogue's mind permanently merged with a facsimile of Carol Danvers' mind. If permanence occurs to someone with the Transformation form, then the hero's original mind is permanently destroyed.

Optional Powers include Mind Drain and Power Duplication.

The Nemesis is Mind Blast; this negates all duplicate minds.

Range: Column A.