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Medicine Pouch

This small leather pouch hangs at the side of the Alpha Flight mystic, Shaman. It is a nexus to the Void, another dimension which Shaman uses as a source of energy to create magical components and mystical spells. This is 1 of the very few cases where Dimensional Energy is used within the Nature school of magic in much the same manner as Universal Energy is usually used. Whether this is because the unusual Sarcee subschool of Nature magic allows for this transition, or that the medicine pouch itself converts Dimensional Energy to Universal Energy is not known. The incantations and uses of the energy are definitely Nature oriented and Universal in theme.

It is known that other pouches enter into the same dimenson, and that 2 mages reaching in at the same time can actually touch.

When in need, Shaman simply reaches into the pouch for the appropriate charm or component he needs. He must make a successful Psyche FEAT roll for it to come to his hand. This check may be made every round until the item appears. It is his gateway to other realms and states of being. It somehow keeps them all contained, providing an orderly framework to a universe of tremendous chaos.

A character (other than Shaman) reaching into the Medicine Pouch cannot free his arm. Looking into the pouch exposes the mind of the character to the Void, a sanity-threatening dimension.

A magic wielder reaching into a pouch opening into the Void has access to Dimensional Energy. For gaming purposes, the pouches come in a variety of styles and shapes and purposes. While Shaman's is tuned to the Nature school of magic, another could just as easily be tuned to another universal school, like the Faerie school, or a dimensional school, like Raggadorr or Hoggoth. All of this should be decided at the creation of the item or generation of the character using it.