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Ruled By: Unrevealed.

Also known as "The Madness Within", this is the dimension that is nexused through Shaman's pouch. It is a vast dimension that crosses through different realities. At least once in the past Shaman has reached through and grabbed the hand of another mage who was reaching into his mystical bag and nexusing the same dimension. The dimension is a direct source of energy for magic and all Shaman needs to do is reach into the bag for a natural item (or stored magic item) and it will instantly come to him.

The dimension is very dangerous to enter or let loose. If a mystical pouch that acts as a nexus to the Void is turned inside out the Void begins to expand into the Earth's dimension. Anyone entering it needs to make a Reason FEAT roll every 3rd round against a sanity-threatening experience. To close the dimension back up, 2 magic wielders of at least adept level are needed: 1 outside and 1 inside. If a powerful mystical force, such as a natural mage like Talisman, is introduced into the expanding Void, it will collapse back in on itself. While the adept outside the Void can slow down the rate of collapse a little, he must act quickly to snatch out the adept inside or lose him in the void forever.