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Dimension of the Shadow Queen

Ruled By: Currently unrevealed. It was ruled by Shialmar, the Shadow Queen, a Sorceress Supreme. Now it is believed to be ruled by one of the rebels who overthrew her, Silver Fox, the last of the Wizard Kings whom she ousted.

This pocket-dimension is very Earth-like and may even be an alternate Earth. It is a bit more stark and elemental than most of Earth and its population appears to be predominantly Oriental. It can be reached by passing through a mystical Black Mirror. The oldest city is Majaedong, the throne city of Shialmar which, during her reign, was a city of darkness where nothing was sacred and no profane act forbidden. Dominating the city is the Palace of the Shadow Queen with its black crystalline towers rising hundreds of feet into the air. It is said that the walls are cemented together with the blood and astral forms of the people who were forced to labor a century in its construction. The Shadow Queen's royal guard were called the Shadow Guard (use the stats for a Mercenary from the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Judge's Book.

This extradimensional world has seen many revolutions and usurpations, the last one occuring not too long ago when the Shadow Queen was overthrown with the help of Doctor Strange and Wong. The Shadow Queen had been pledged to the furthering of the interests of the N'Garai a race of daemons who are utterably and irredeemably evil. When Doctor Strange drove the evil out of her (she had been corrupted by force) she died leaving, it is supposed, one of the leading rebels, Silver Fox, to take her place. But the N'Garai had an interest in the realm before the Shadow Queen came into being and may be corrupting the dimension even now.

Umar's statistics in the Codex of the Magi can be used for the Shadow Queen (but no Wraiths to serve the Shadow Queen), while Clea's Sorceress Supreme statistics can be used for Silver Fox (substitute the dimensional Ikonn power for Faltine and Valtorr for Vishanti).