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Molecular Conversion

The hero can transform any material into a desired compound. This Power is an enhanced version of Elemental Conversion. Whereas that Power could only create a single specified element, this Power can create a number of elements simultaneously and arrange them in a desired molecular configuration. The matter to be converted can be composed of any element, compound, or combination thereof. The elements that result can be any of the hundred-odd natural, artificial, and mythical elements. The compounds they form can likewise be real or mythical. An example of a fictional compound is the alloy Adamantium, a steel alloy that only exists in the Marvel Universe. Mythical compounds or compounds that incorporate a mythical element (like Vibranium) require a red FEAT to create.

Note: it has never been established whether Vibranium is an element or a compound; while I choose to refer to Vibranium as an element, Judges are free to decide for themselves whether it is an element or a compound in their campaign. Most other compounds require either a green or yellow FEAT to create.

The more complex a compound's formula is, the harder it is to create. As a rule of thumb, a compound whose molecules incorporate from 2 to 20 atoms can be created by a green FEAT. A compound with molecules of from 21 to 100 atoms, or alloys of various compounds, requires a yellow FEAT; examples include hydrocarbons. More complex molecules or alloys require a red FEAT; examples include polymers, proteins, and other compounds essential to life. Obviously, playing this Power requires knowledge of basic chemistry. At the least the player must have a crib sheet filled with various useful compounds and their formulas.

The hero can after a finite amount of matter each turn. The mass limit is the number of pounds equal to the Power rank number. The amount of matter converted weighs the same either before or after Conversion. The heavier the resulting compound, the smaller its volume. Conversely, the lighter the compound, the more volume it has. This simple fact can be exploited as a variety of Power Stunts. For example, a fist-sized rock can be transformed into a roomful of the mixture of gases we humans consume as air.

The maximum range at which the Power can affect a target is determined by the Power rank. At the time the hero is created, the player has the option of increasing either the Power's range or amount affected by decreasing the remaining factor an equal amount. For example, an Am(50) rank can Convert 50LBS. at a range of 20 areas. Either factor can be modified by up to 7CS. This can produce such extreme combinations as Fb range(Contact only) and CL3000 effect(3000LBS. per turn) or CL3000 range(10,000 miles) and Fb(2) effect (2LBS.).

The player also has the option of increasing the Power +1CS by making its effect temporary. Normally, Conversions are permanent or at least remain until a reverse Conversion occurs. If the player chooses the temporary option, the Conversion only lasts a maximum number of turns equal to the hero's Reason rank number. While permanent Conversions may be fatal to living targets (it depends on what was Converted and what the result was), the temporary form has the side-effect of placing the target area into a form of Suspended Animation until the Conversion wears off. Of course, the Conversion can have severe, even fatal, effects on the rest of the living target if the entire body is not Converted.

The target must be in line of sight of the hero for the Conversion to occur. The Power can function even if a normal, transparent barrier such as glass separates the hero and the target.

The minimum amount of material that can be affected by the Power is limited only by the hero's eyesight. In practical terms, the smallest size a Normal Human can see is 1/128th of an inch. Below that requires the use of something to enhance the hero's vision.

Stationary, non-living, unprotected targets are automatically affected by this Power. Moving targets require an Agility FEAT in order for the hero to hit the target. Living targets are allowed to resist Molecular Conversion just as they would any Energy Attack. Targets can be protected from being effected by this Power through the use of other Powers including Force Field vs. Energy, Resistance to Energy, True Invulnerability, various Magics, and various Power Controls. Such Powers will completely protect against a lesser or equal rank Molecular Conversion and offer partial protection against higher ranks. The Judge is free to decide the results of partial protection.

Optional Powers include Matter Animation and Molding.

Nemeses include Force Field vs. Energy, Resistance to Energy, and True Invulnerability.

Range: Column A.