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Energy Body

The hero can transform his body into a coherent energy field that supports his lifeforce and is capable of controlled actions. The energy can be of any type (see the Energy Emission listings).

When creating the character, the player determines the nature of the energy into which the hero can turn. The rank determines the number of possible energy types. The rank for each energy type is originally Gd(10); this is modified by the Ability Modifier Table found in the Character Generation section of this site. Each Power is rolled separately. Thus, a hero might have a Ty(6) sound-form and an In(40) radiation-form. Damage to the Energy Body is the same as damage to the normal body. The Energy Body is subject to anything that would affect energy of its type. The hero makes a standard Resistance roll to determine such effects on the Energy Body. The hero may find himself confined in a storage field while in energy-form. If so, he must make a red FEAT to attempt to revert to normal. If he fails, he must escape in his energy form.

The Energy Body is a relatively unlimited supply of that particular energy type. The hero can expend great amounts of it and still be able to return to normal. Completely depleting the Energy Body requires a red FEAT rolled by the Judge or an adversary. The hero can also absorb existing energy of his chosen type to replenish himself.

This Power includes the relevant form of Energy Control and Emission for the purpose of controlling the energy within the body.

Range: None.