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"In order to defeat evil that is threatening the Earth, the Goddess of the Elements showers the tiny planet with her power, destroying it and the evil force. The Goddess is reduced to Guardian of the Earth, now merely ruble and dust, forever. Unknown to her, the elemental powers thought to be destroyed with the planet were actually reborn in humans. These powers would have to be awakened for the evil that had once threatened the planet is back again......."

The Elements is about a group of girls who discover they have special powers, given to them by the Goddess of Earth, and that they must now use these powers to fight off an evil that is threatening the planets existance. The RPG is, well, no different. There are many characters and each plays an important role in the story. When you chose a character you become that character and enter into a new world full of new people and new adventures.

When you decide to join, simply click on the join! link to the left and tell me which character you would like to be. This RPG is strictly in the story! Never, at any time, will you be out of character, no matter what someone says or does. Of course, once you have recieved a character, it will be your job to develop it fully. I want these characters to be your own creation, an alternate you. But remember, this is real life while you are here so please treat it that way. If you have any questions, just go to the link below and we will be more than happy to help you. Also, if you don't want to be a character but still want to be involved, I have many other jobs open. Just click on the link to the left to see them.

Oh, and most important of all, HAVE FUN! I'm sorry if I come across as a witch but I just want to make sure you're serious. Thanks a lot and I hope I see you in the game!!!

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