Hey, hey! So you want to become part of the Elements RPG? That's great!! Just make sure you have all the information below in your email. Thanks a lot!

1) Alright, obviously if you want to join you've picked a character. Make sure you include the character(duh), anything you'll want to add to it, why you want to be that character, and what about that character you don't like.

2) Please tell me why you want to be part of this RPG. What do you like about it?

3) Tell me a little bit about yourself. I need your name(first only), where you live(state only), and then your likes and dislikes and stuff like that. Umm.... If I like you, which I hope I will, I'm going to send you a little survey, an about me kind of thing. Nothing personal or anything, I just want to find out a little about you and want to make sure you'll be able to fit your character well enough.

Please don't be intimidated by any of these things. If you want the character enough, you'll get it. I'm not as mean as I sound.Thanks!