The Rules
The Rules

I know, I know, I know. Rules? Yuck! But please, read them over and respect them. They're here for everyone, not just you.

1) MOST IMPORTANT!! This is a role-playing game and at no time will you be out of character. You must know your character inside and out so that you aren't stuck when asked a question. If you do answer out of character, you will be ignored or asked again. It's perfectly fine if you make up an answer, but write it down so you remember
2) If someone acts out of character you must ignore them. Everyone's email will be posted and if you have a privacy problem, I will make sure you can be contacted some other way. If you need to talk to someone out of character, please email them or tell me. I'll help you.
3) Be warned. This RPG allows everything. Swearing, nudity, perversion, whatever. But it MUST BE PART OF YOUR CHARACTER! I will not allow anyone to make up their own character who is just a sick, porn loving, pervert. Please try to limit your immaturity and be realistic.
4) Many of the characters have special powers. You may only use magic according to your characters ability and try to limit the usage. Think of them amount of energy it takes up, how many times you've used it that day, your current energy level, etc. Be realistic. No one is invincible. And if you are in a battle and get hit, take it like a man. Don't whine and say "No, you missed me!"
5)Not only must you know about your own character, you really should know about everyone else. Whenever a new skill is learned, a personality is altered, or anything happens to add to a character, it will be posted. Make sure you check the character section for changes before you go into the game.
6) If your character has a sister or something, try to get to know that person outside of the game as well. This is a group effort, not a bunch of individuals. Make it realistic. Think about your own brother, or sister, or friends in real life. There's plenty of times you don't see them or know what they're doing, But you still manage to find out and keep in touch. I want this to be more than an RPG. I want it to be a whole other universe, a second home to everybody. Please try and make it work.
7) Don't get offended by anyone please. If someone is particularly mean to you, they're supposed to be. It's their character. And your character is the one they beat on. Don't whine to me and tell me to kick them out. I'll kick you out because you're the one who is not playing properly or following the rules. I'm sorry if I come across bitchy or if it seems like I'm asking too much. But I've had plenty of times when complete assholes have dumped everything on me when they just don't want to put any effort forward or actually play right.
8) Follow these 7 rules. 7 is not many at all. And they all tie in together. Just play along and have fun and it'll be fine. If these rules intimidate you or turn you off from playing the game, PLEASE EMAIL ME. You can tell me what you don't like and maybe I'll be able to change it. Just ask. I'm actually a very nice person. And make sure you contact me or any of the other great people here to help you if you have any other questions.