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Hello hello. ::smile:: So you are interested in helping out with the RPG and website? That's so great!!!!! I need tons of people. There's a lot to do and I can't do it alone. Just look below and see what's open! There's a link to apply after each one. When you find one you want make sure to include:
The job
Why you want the job
What you think you would be doing in the job
Your qualifications for the job

Thanks thanks!

Scene Description
Scene Description is one of the most important jobs here. I have many different chat rooms, each representing a place in Harrisville. Peoples homes, the school, the park, and so on. If you love to write and especially love to be descriptive, this is the job for you. I'll give you a place, tell you the basics if there even are any, and then you take it from there. It needs to be very desciptive so that the characters in the room will know where everything is and such. I need people to describe the general things(Cambells House, School, etc.) and the more specific things(Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, etc.). Definetly one of, if not the, most important job here.

The Cambell House:
    Living Room


Outdoor Scenes:

Other Characters Homes:
    Cora's House
    Ivy's Backyard
    Mira & Sera's yard - Obstacle Course

Space/Gods and Goddesses:
    Home of the Gods

Other places:

If there are any other places you think should be included, please speak up! I know I've missed a bunch, but some aren't important enough. But please, I want this RPG to be great and I want people to have a bunch of places to go. Thanks.
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Character Creation
This job is for people who like to make up new characters. As you know, because you have read the story, all of the villians are dead and it's a new year. I need new friends, new enemies, new evil, and so on and so on. You get the picture. A pretty basic job but fun and very important.

Character Development
This job is for people who are into character description and like to help people. I am letting anyone who wants to creat new characters for themselves but some may need help. And even people who have taken an original character, they may need help developing it further. That's where you would come in. They can contact you for help and ideas. So you must be a people person and like to write. Sounds good, huh. ::smile::
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This is kind of self explanitory. This job requires you to advertise the site, put the site link on as many other sites you can, and just let people know about us. NO SOLICITING! I really don't feel like being kicked off the web, arrested, or worse, being yelled at by some immature ass chunk who has now been given an opporunity to harass and complain. That really gets me. This must me purely public advertising and stuff. If you do end up sending emails(only if people say they're interested!), I'll send you what I would like to be sent out. I know this might sound stupid to you, but I've had trouble with this kind of thing in the past so I want to avoid it this time.
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Player Support/Help
Again, pretty self explanitory. For this job, you'll have to know a lot about this RPG. It'll be tough at first but I'm always here to help you. Hehe. They ask you, you ask me,... it'll be fun. ::smile:: Anyway, I'm going to split the help into different categories when I get enough people but for now you'll just be answering any questions.
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Plot Creation and Plot Description
I'm going to have certain large events happen so that the RPG keeps moving. It can get kind of boring when nothing happens, especially in an RPG, and I want these new plots to be semi-controlled. By me. At least for right now, until people get into their characters and the game. Then I'll put it up to the players. But don't worry, that won't be for a while and even after that I'll make sure you're not jobless.

I need people to monitor rooms! I want to make sure a) I don't miss anything and b) nothing gets out of control. That's your job. There will be a monitor in every room. You will play a character and be that character at all times, but it won't be a main character. It will be a waiter or bartender at a restaraunt, a clerk in a store, a teacher or student at school, etc. Characters that aren't really part of the story but are always in that certain scene and can easily play along with everyone else. Does that make sense? I hope so.
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HTML Experts
I'm actually new at HTML. Very new. I need people to help me make new pages and with page upkeep. If something happens I might not know what to do so I'll need someone to turn to. This isn't a full time job, I just need people who are online a lot and willing to help me out. And I want to make sure that you'll be able to get back to me soon so we'll have to keep in touch. Other than that, it's not really a job. Just kind of a support service for me.
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Well, that's all the openings I have at the moment. Not like it's not enough. If you don't find something here, I'm sorry. If you had something in mind, let me know. Maybe I missed something. Never know. I'm definetly not perfect. If you think one of these things interests you but you're not really sure what's involved, ask me. I'll be glad to be more specific. Just email me.