The Story

Not much to say but read this. I know, it's long. I agree. But if you want to have anything to do with this RPG, you have to read the story. Otherwise you'll be clueless. I hope you enjoy! Oh, and a tip for reading this. If you have a pc, right click and choose view source. It's a lot easier to read the story that way. In this site, depending on how your browser works, some of the paragraphs might be reeaaaaalllyyy long(like lengthwise in the browser window). So I highly recommend reading the html version. Stuck? email me

The Power of the Elements

The joining

	" Gwyn!!!!" shouts Aria. " Come on! Were gonna be late for the play!"
	" I'm coming!" shouts back Gwyn. " It doesn't start for another 15
	" But we promised we would meet her before the show." says Aria.
	" Oh yeah." says Gwyn.
	She runs to the front door where Aria is waiting. They're the same height, a little over 5'6. Aria pushes a lock of her sandy-brown hair off her
face and her dark green eyes show disapproval. She's always waiting for her sister Gwyn. 
	Gwyn doesn't really notice as she grabs her coat and puts on her sneakers. Her bright blond hair and blue eyes are almost opposite of her sister's features. Aria walks outside and starts the car while Gwyn runs out
with one shoe on and one off. She jumps in the passenger seat and they drive off toward the high school.

	Everyone is at the school already and there are no parking spots left. With a sigh, Aria pulls onto the soccer field.
	" This is going to ruin my car." she says getting out and looking at the tires.
	" It's time you got a new one anyway." says Gwyn. She gets out and swears as she steps in a mud puddle. " Great. And these are my favorite sneakers."
	" It's time you got a new pair anyway." says Aria with a smirk.
	" Funny." says Gwyn and the two walk up the steps and inside.

	" Where have you been!" yells Willow at the top of her lungs. 
	She comes running down the hallway, standing equal to the others, her white hair in a sloppy ponytail. Normally it's down, reaching the middle of her
back, like the other two girls. Her brown eyes shine with excitement
	" What were you worried about?" asks Aria.
	" Yeah." says Gwyn. " We would never miss the opening night of our sister's performance."
	" I know." says Willow. " I'm so nervous!"
	" Why?" asks Gwyn. " It's not like this is your first or anything."
	Aria nods in agreement. You would think that by her ninth play stage fright wouldn't be an issue. But then again, Willow always was the shy one. It was hard to believe she could get up in front of all those people and pull off perfect shows all the time. Aria couldn't. Gwyn... she could easily get up on stage but as for acting and vocal talent, she had none whatsoever.
	" Willow dear!" shouts her drama teacher from behind the stage. " It's almost curtain time!"
	" Okay!" shouts back Willow. " Coming!" She turns to her sister's. 
	" I saved you two seats in the front row." she says. " Over there."
	She points to the only empty foldable chairs in the theater and they go sit down. Willow runs behind the dark red curtain and the lights dim. The music starts, the curtains open, and the play begins.

	" How long has this been?" asks Gwyn.
	" Forever." says Aria. " This really is a poor choice for high school."
	" And boring too." says Gwyn. 
	The man behind them makes a shushing sound and the girls slump down in their seats.
	Willow walks on stage and sits down in front of the judge. Her hair is in a bun and she looks much older than she truly is.
	" Well?" says the judge.
	" I have only one thing to say and that is ....." Her dialogue is cut short as a woman appears on the stage. She is tall and dressed in a light blue gown.
Her hair and eyes are also blue and she is glowing in a bright white light. Willow gasps. People in the audience yell as they run out. Aria and Gwyn stand up in shock. The woman walks toward Willow.
	" Willow!" shouts her sister's in unison.
	Willow throws out her hands and everyone freezes where they are. Aria runs up onto the stage to where Willow is standing, overwhelmed, unable to move. Gwyn follows and shakes Willow's shoulders.
	" Wha...." she says as if waking up. " Who is she?"
	They walk over to where the woman is frozen in place and look her over. Suddenly her aura of white returns and the girls jump back.
	" The three sisters." she says with a look of relief.  " So I've finally found you."
	The girls look confused and notice that only the woman has come out of the spell.
	" Who are you?" asks Gwyn.
	" My name is Orion." she says. " Goddess of the Elements. Space, Time, Matter, I have been sent to find you and revive your power. Although I see that the latter...." she says looking around her " is not entirely necessary."
	" To find us?" says Aria. " But.. but I don't understand."
	"A long time ago, when Earth was first born, I ruled over it and all that lived there. But an evil force came and planned to conquer it. Before the force
could take over, though, I spread the power of the Elements across the tiny planet and destroyed it. It was the only way to prevent the awful fate. The force left and was not heard of again. But I was, from then on, rendered powerless. As my punishment, I was made to watch over the rubble and debre that was left after the explosion. For many centuries I have stayed here,
watching nothing, rock and space. Amazingly, however, Earth was recreated during a cosmic upset. It grew to the magnificent planet it is now, with many living things." 
	"Then I got word from the Gods that my power still existed. It had been scattered across part of the ruble which joined the new planet and landed right here in what's now called North America. The power had been
reborn in humans all across the country. I was given the mission of finding these humans and keeping watch now over them, making sure my power grew and was used in good ways. That's when the force came back. Earth is
the only planet in the galaxy with such an array of life. And the evil wants this life to be eliminated. I was then given the task of finding you three, sister's
born together, triplets, splitting my most powerful ability between you. With this universal power, you three must become the leaders, joining together the
rest of the elements and protecting this planet. These three powers, Space, Time, and Matter, are key to the destruction of evil. I can tell you are already strong and will get stronger than I ever was. You are ready and I have completed my task. All I can do for you now is say good luck."
	" Wait!" shouts Gwyn. " You can't just come here, dump all this on us, and not help us!"
	" You have to at least give us some clue as to how were supposed to save the world." says Aria. " It's not something they teach in home ec."
	" Home Ec.?" asks Orion. " I do not know of any Home Ec. but I cannot help you. You have my powers now and there is nothing I can do. All I can do is support and advise. By facing this problem on your own, your
strength will grow. But if I am ever really needed I will be here. I am always watching."
	With that, Orion disappears. Gwyn sits on the floor with a frown and Willow sits back down in her chair. Aria remains standing, staring at the place where Orion had been.
	" The Power of the Elements." she whispers to herself. 
	" Time is going to be un-frozen in a few seconds." says Willow. " You guys should go sit down."
	" Yeah." says Gwyn.
	The two girls walk slowly back to there seats and as they sit, time starts again.

	The next day is Saturday and the sister's sleep in and hang around the house, trying to forget last night.
	Aria walks into the bedroom they share and collapses on her bed.
	" I'm so bored!" she cries. 
	The other two nod and sit down on their beds.
	" Bored, huh?" asks their mother as she walks in. She has Aria's brown hair and Gwyn's bright blue eyes. Her hair is going white with age, the same color as Willows in some places. You can tell that she's related though, because of her height, body shape, and facial features which are the only three things they all have in common. For triplets, the girls don't look alike at all. She sits down next to Aria and Aria sits up, nodding. " Well then. There's plenty of rooms downstairs that need to be vacuumed, dusted, moped, and organized. Dishes to do, this room is a mess, and the bathrooms could use a good scrub down. Get to work girls."
	" You've got to be kidding!" shouts Gwyn. " I hate cleaning!"
	" Me too." says their mother. " But I do it all the time. Plus, I have to go take your grandmother to her Bingo game. And I know you don't want to do that for me."
	" I'll clean." says Willow.
	" Yeah." says Aria. " When do we get started?"
	Their grandmother's Bingo games were horrible. A bunch of old people from her nursing home go to the Town Hall. Most of them can't talk and have Alzheimer's and stuff. Not the girls idea of a good time.
	" Clean the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and your room. And do the dishes and laundry." Their mother gets up and walks to the door. She stops when she hears all the groans. " If you get done by 7:00 you can take
my car and go anywhere you want and stay out as late as you want. As long as your back tomorrow morning by 10:00. And no drinking and driving or drugs. It's 4:00 now and there's three of you. You can manage."
	" Okay." says Gwyn.
	" Yeah, it's a deal." says Willow.
	" I'll be back at 7:00." says their mother. " And no stuffing things in drawers or dust under the rug."
	They wave good-bye and she walks out to the car, getting in and driving away. The girls all smile. Aria and Gwyn crack their knuckles while Willow turns on the stereo. It blasts music and they start.

	Aria runs to the kitchen and with a wave of her left hand the faucet turns on and the sponge begins to wash the dishes. Waving her right hand, a bucket fills with water and soap and the mop begins to wash the floor. She giggles and runs out into the living room.
	" Give us a hand." says Gwyn and they form a circle.
	They all touch each other's palms and light bursts between their hands.
	" Thanky dear." says Willow as she moves the vacuum with her finger, plugs it in, and turns it on. It moves around wildly and Willow shouts, her arms flying out, freezing it.
	" I've never got the hang of this." she says with a sigh.
	" I'll vacuum." says Gwyn. " You can move the junk."
	" Okay." says Willow and she starts moving piles of magazines. " Bag."
	Gwyn points her finger and a garbage bag appears on the floor in front of her. Willow moves all the garbage to it and moves it to the corner, mentally of course. Aria goes back into the kitchen to check on the dishes and floor. Then she moves to the downstairs bathroom. Finding a rag and some cleaner she sets them to work. She also finds the toilet brush and gives that
it's job as well. 
	Willow has completed her job and so has Gwyn. After picking up and turning off the music, they join Aria and start upstairs. Aria goes into that bathroom
while the other two move into the bedroom. They look around with a frown.
	" I think this is gonna take all three of us." says Gwyn as she looks at Willow.
	" Aria!" shouts Willow. " We need you."
	" Coming!" yells Aria from the bathroom. Joining them in the bedroom she sighs, looking at the colossal mess. " Wow." 
	They all jump onto their beds and start. Magazines, c.d.'s, books, and clothes are flying around the room. They start a cyclone of things in the air
and get it going faster and faster. Turning on the stereo they jump up and down on their beds. They run around dancing, making the clothes dance too. They put together whole outfits and make them read and walk around. They are having such fun that they loose track of time.
	" Oh no!" shouts Willow seeing the clock. " It's 6:58!"
	" Crap!" shouts Aria.
	She runs out and everything she had control of drops to the floor. Gwyn and Willow put things away as fast as they can, dusting and vacuuming too. Aria speeds up the work in the bathrooms and then puts the supplies
away. She slips running into the kitchen, sliding on the wet floor and ramming into the mop. The sink has overflowed a long time ago and soap and dishes are floating around on the tiles. She gets buckets and rags and towels and starts mopping all of it up. She moves the other things as her mother pulls into the driveway.
	" Willow!" she shouts.
	The two girls run downstairs and Willow sees their mother at the door. She flings out her hands and stops time, then helps Aria and Gwyn finish cleaning the mess.
	" Hurry up!" cries Willow. " I can't stop time that long and I'm not sure how long it's been."
	" Done!" shouts Aria.
	The girls race into the living room and jump onto the couch as time resumes and their mother walks in.
	" Well girls?" asks their mother.
	She stops in shock, looking at the spotless clean kitchen and living room.
	" You girls are amazing." she says as she goes upstairs to check their room.
	The sister's look at each other and sigh, sinking into the couch.
	" So where you girls going?" they hear their mother shout from upstairs.
	Aria looks at the others and they shake their head. They are all too tired to do anything now. Aria nods and turns on the television.
	" We're not going anywhere!" shouts back Gwyn.
	" Why not?" asks their mother coming back downstairs. She sits down onto the couch next to them and gives them a surprised look.
	" We're tired and don't really feel like driving anymore." says Willow.
	" Oh." their mother says standing up. " You want to come to the movies with me?"
	" Nah." says Aria.
	" Thanks though." says Gwyn.
	" We'll stay here and watch t.v." says Willow.
	" Okay." says their mother with a frown. " Well, I better go if I want to get to the theater in time. You girls can make dinner?"
	" Yeah." says Aria.
	" All right." says their mother starting for the door. " I'll be back later."
	" Bye." say the girls in unison as their mother walks out the door and gets in the car.
	Still sitting on the couch, they all touch hands and Aria's power is transferred back to her. She gets up and starts dinner, the normal way. They eat, take showers, and sit down on the floor with popcorn. They turn on pay-per-view and watch the movie.

	They are halfway through the show when Orion appears again, infront of them. They gasp and turn to her.
	" Why haven't you gone searching yet?" she asks. " I came to you late and this is important. You don't have the time to stall."
	" I have some free time." says Willow with a smile.
	" This isn't funny." says Orion with a frown. Her white aura begins to fade. " The evil force is approaching fast and only the elements can stop it.
You hold the fate of the planet in your hands. Please.....!"
	As she says that last word she fades completely.
	" Wow." says Gwyn.
	" The fate of the planet." says Willow.
	" You heard the woman." says Aria standing up. " Tomorrow we start searching."

	The girls wake up early Sunday morning and skip church. They start walking through downtown Harrisville, the small town they live in. 
	" What exactly are we looking for?" asks Willow.
	" Yeah." joins Gwyn. " We have no clue what we're doing. It's hot and muggy and we've been walking for hours. We're getting nowhere."
	" I know." says Aria with a sigh. She stops and sits down on the pavement. The others sit down too. " I just thought there would be a sign or something."
	They stand up, ready to go home when they hear a scream from behind the grocery store. They run towards the yelling and see that there is a girl their age being attacked by an older boy. She screams again and Willow
throws out her hands. They boy freezes but it doesn't work on the girl. She looks at the sisters and runs away. The girls stand there, amazed. Time starts again and the boy, confused, runs off.
	" She didn't...." says Willow in shock.
	" Why didn't it work on her?" asks Gwyn.
	" She's one of us!" cries Aria. " She one of the ones we're looking for!"
	" Very good." says Orion, appearing next to them. She's very fuzzy and weak. " I knew you could do it."
	" What's the matter?" asks Willow. " Why do you look like that?"
	" I cannot fight off evil energy without power." says Orion. " Their presence has greatly drained my strength. Soon I will be gone. I need to give you something."
	She holds out her hand revealing a small crystal. It glows white and the girls also glow. Around their necks appears a chain, and from each one there
hangs a crystal. Willow's is black, Gwyn's is yellow, and Aria's is white. 
	" This crystal will help you in your search." says Orion. " It was given to me by the Gods to give to you. It will also help you and the others strengthen your powers."
	She tosses the crystal in the air and it creates a portal. In the portal it shows the girl they just saw. She's about 5'5, with boycut brown hair and dark gray eyes. Around her neck is the same chain but with a gray crystal attached.
	" This crystal will show you who you need to find." says Orion. " It will also tell you their elemental power. You may not know it now but you will. The Gods assure me that you need not travel to reach your goal. In some way, your future friends will come to you. Just keep your eyes open."
	She hands the now inactive crystal to Aria.
	" Aria, you are their leader. It is your destiny. You have much more power than you realize. But you will learn in short time. You sisters are the key to everything. Your close link will be your most powerful weapon. Use this power well. I know you can do it."
	" After I leave here, I cannot return." continues Orion. " I haven't enough power for transportation. But I will always be with you and always be watching over you. Farewell girls. Time, Matter and Space. Good-bye."
	She disappears and Aria reaches out to make her stay. The three stand there for a while longer and then slowly walk home.

	The last bell rings and everyone runs out of the classrooms to their lockers. Aria runs to the lobby to meet her sisters and bumps into a girl.
	" Oh sorry." says the girl. " Hey! It's you!"
	" Huh?" asks Aria and she recognizes the girl. She's the same girl they saw at the grocery store and from the crystal. " You!'
	The girl begins to run down the hallway and Aria chases after her.
	" Wait!" cries Aria. " I...I just have to talk to you!"
	Willow and Gwyn see them and follow.
	" Willow!" yells Aria.
	" But it doesn't work!" she yells back.
	" Argghhh!" shouts Aria and she stops, flinging her arms outward. A chair flies infront of the new girl and she trips, falling to the ground. Aria runs over and her sisters follow close behind.
	" What do you want!" cries the girl.
	" Just this." says Aria and she throws the crystal up into the air. The portal appears and shows the girl with the chain. She gasps and the chain in
the picture appears on her neck. The gray crystal glows.
	" Welcome to the group Wind." says Gwyn and Willow smiles.
	Wind stands up, picking up her bookbag.
	" Thanks." she says. " Call me Cora."
	They all say hi, introduce each other and tell her the history, about Orion, and about their mission. Then they walk out of the school, together.

	" Who was that guy attacking you?" asks Willow as she kicks a stone out of her way.
	The girls are walking down the sidewalk towards Cora's house.
	" My old boyfriend." says Cora, turning white. " He's obsessed. I broke up with him a few months ago and he started stalking me. That's the reason me and my mom moved here last week. But he obviously followed me. I don't know what to do. He's really scaring me."
	" Well, you've got us now." says Gwyn. " We'll help you out."
	" Shouldn't we call the police or something?" asks Willow.
	" Been there, done that." says Cora. " He has a court restriction but he doesn't care. They say they can't arrest him because they have no proof of any
kind of abuse. Stupid pigs. Sorry."
	" That's what I would say too." says Aria. " I think Gwyn's right. We'll stick by you all the time. Call us whenever you need us."
	" Thanks." says Cora. " I've never had friends like you guys. I just met you and already I feel like I know you so well and like I could tell you anything."
	" You can." says Willow.
	" Thanks." says Cora again.

	" How touching." says a guy as he steps out of the bushes. " Little Cora has some new friends. You know I don't like you hanging out with other people but me Cora."
	" Ian!" cries Cora." This is my stalker Ian. Ian, leave me alone. It's over!"
	" No it's not." says Ian turning red. " We'll be together forever!"
	He goes to grab Cora's wrist but she backs away. He gets mad and reaches again.
	"Ahhhh!" yells Aria flinging out her hand.	
	He flies into a nearby tree and slowly rises to his feet.
	" I.... I've never done that to people before." says Aria in surprise.
	Willow puts out her hands and freezes Ian where he is.
	" I have an idea." she says and begins to whisper to the others. " Wait. Why am I whispering?"
	Cora and the rest smile and they put their plan to work. Snapping her wrist, a rope appears in Gwyn's hand. She gives Aria a high five and receives her power. While Gwyn lifts Ian to the top of the tree, Aria ties him up with the rope. Willow stands by, ready to stop time again if it starts. Cora just watches amazed at what is happening. Ian is tied tight to the tree, time still stopped. Aria takes her power back and looks at Gwyn and Willow with approval. Cora goes and stands under the stalker and laughs.
	" Lets go before time starts again." says Cora and they all head to her house.
	Arriving there, they trade phone numbers and the sisters walk home.

	The next day is one of the high schools make-up snow days. Due to El Nino it wasn't needed and everyone got the day off. The sisters got up early and walked to Cora's house. She was sleeping when they got there and they didn't want to wake her so they took a walk around the block. They reached the tree where they had tied Ian and Gwyn ran to look. He was gone and as she went to turn back, Willow screamed.
	" I don't know what you girls are or what you do but don't try anything." Ian had grabbed Willow and was holding a knife to her throat.
	" Willow!" cries Aria.
	" I can't do it, not without free hands!" yells Willow. " I can't do it!"
	" And you better not try either!" shouts Ian. " I was in that tree forever and I knew you girls put me there. You and Cora. Don't worry though. I could never kill her."
	" No." says Gwyn. " Just beat her up a little."
	" Don't you talk to me like that!" shouts Ian. " Or your friends gets it."
	" Willow." whispers Aria.
	Willows eyes move towards her.
	" I know you can hear me Willow." says Aria telepathically. " You have to give me your power. Just like I always give you mine. It's no different."
	" I can't!" Willow returns the secret request. " I don't know how!"
	" Yes you do Willow." says Aria. " I know you do."
	" I'll try." Willow closes her eyes and her crystal glows. 
	Aria's does too and Ian notices.
	" What are you doing!" he shouts. " No funny business!"
	Aria's hands fly out and time stops. Willow wriggles her way out of Ian's grasp and gives Aria a hug. She has tears in her eyes and is shaking. Aria remains calm but inside she was just as scared. Gwyn walks over and lets out the breath she had been holding in.
	" Thank God." she says and Aria and Willow let her into the circle.
	" We have to do something about this guy." says Aria. 
	Everyone nods.

	" How did this guy get here?" asks the chief of police as he walks into his office.
	" I want to turn myself in!" cries Ian. " Please lock me up! Keep me safe!"
	" What a nut." the chief says to himself. " Murphy!!! Get this guy out of here."
	Murphy, a cop on the force, walks in.
	" Hey, I know this guy." he says. " He shouldn't be in this town."
	" What are you talking about?" asks the chief.
	" His name is Ian McCormic." says Murphy. " He was charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was given a court restriction and was supposed to stay away from her. She moved here for protection. He must have followed her."
	" I did!" cries Ian. " I did! I'm guilty! Lock me away!"
	" Don't worry pal." says the chief. " I think you'll get what you want."
	Ian is dragged into a cell in the back. The sisters, who had been watching through the window, smile and start back towards Cora's house.

	" I don't think we should tell her that we had anything to do with it." says Willow.
	" I agree." says Aria.
	" Why?!?!" says Gwyn. " She should know."
	" She doesn't need to know." says Aria. " All she needs to know is that Ian is out of her life and she's safe."
	" I don't want this event to ever come up again." says Willow, tears forming again. " I just want to forget it."
	She wipes her eyes and the other two nod as they walk up the sidewalk to Cora's door. Cora opens it and greets them cheerily. They smile and their spirits are uplifted. They walk in and sit down with her and her mother on the couch.
	" Guess what." says Gwyn.
	" Hmm..?" says Cora.
	" Ian was arrested!" cries Gwyn with joy.
	" What!!" cries Cora. " No way! This...this is sooo... so wonderful!"
	" Your safe now." says Aria.
	" Oh this is so great." says Cora's mother. " This deserve a celebration. Anyone want some of my herbal tea?"
	" Have some." says Cora. " It's really good."
	Her face lights up.
	" So it's finally over." she says and she sighs.
	" Yes dear." says her mother coming in with the tea. " Drink up girls. Then you should go out because I have some things to do here."
	They finish they're tea, thank Cora's mom, and go outside to walk.

	" Let's see who our next victim is." says Gwyn with an evil chuckle.
	" Okay." says Aria rolling her eyes.
	She takes out the crystal and throws it up into the air. They all watch as a girl their age appears. She is about 5'5 with waist length black hair and dark
brown-green swirl eyes. She's wearing a chain with a dark dark green crystal.
	" She's so pretty." says Cora. " Look at her eyes."
	" Yeah." says Willow. " She oughta be easy to spot."
	" I hope so." says Gwyn.
	They continue down the street as Aria puts the crystal back in her pocket.

	" Let's go to the mall." says Gwyn. " I need some new make-up and a new outfit or two never killed anyone."
	After leaving Cora at her house that night, they had gone home and plunked themselves in their room.
	" The mall sounds good to me." says Aria, laying back on the bed.
	" Me too." says Willow. " We can go see a movie too."
	" You just want to see Rojer." says Gwyn in a mocking tone. " Oooh... Rojer."
	" Shut up." says Willow, throwing a pillow at her.
	It hits her right in the face and Gwyn returns the toss.
	" Now, now girls lets not...." Aria is cut short when she's hit in the head with a pillow.
	" Oops." says Gwyn.
	" Pillow fight!!!!!" shouts Aria, and she grabs a pillow, joining Willow and Gwyn. Willow keeps freezing time and it doesn't help against Aria, who just moves the pillows anyway. Gwyn continues to make pillow after pillow appear when she runs out.
	" Cheater!" shouts Willow.
	" Oh really?" shouts back Gwyn. " Then what are you doing?"
	" Give it up." says Aria. " We're all cheating."
	" Okay!" cries Willow as time starts again and she is pounded. " I give up! Truce!"
	" Deal." says the other girls and they all collapse, tired.
	Gwyn makes her extra pillows disappear and Aria picks up the rest. Then they crawl into bed and turn the light out, saying goodnight.

	" Girls!" yells their mom from downstairs. " Your late for school!"
	The girls all jump out of bed and race downstairs. They arrive in the kitchen and look at the time on the microwave.
	" Crap!" cries Gywn. " I had a big math test this morning!!"
	" You can make it up." says their mother. " You look like you needed the sleep anyway. Don't worry about it."
	" You are the best mother." says Willow as she sits down to breakfast.
	" I have to get to school by third period." says Aria. " I have this huge report to give on Robert Frost for English and this is the last day of reports."
	" Okay." says their mother. " I took the day off from work so I don't need the car."
	" Your not going to work?" asks Gwyn. " How come?"
	" I'm too tired to do anything today." she says. " I could barely get out of the bed."
	" Oh." says Gwyn.
	" Are you okay?" asks Willow.
	" Yeah, I'm fine," says their mother. " You girls better run if you wanna make it."
	Aria runs upstairs to take a shower and the sisters follow. They get dressed and ready, grab the keys, and drive to school.

	" Well, Aria." says Mrs. Mayfield as Aria comes running into class. " I see you decided to join us. I'm sorry but there's just no time to do your report."
	" But I need this grade to raise my average." complains Aria whipping out her report. " I can do it in five minutes."
	" I doubt that." says Mrs. Mayfield. " But if you want to try.... go right ahead."
	" Thank you." says Aria and she faces the class, beginning.

	" You should have seen her face." says Aria with a laugh. " I did it all in four minutes and she was so shocked."
	Aria, Gwyn, and Willow are sitting around their lunch table during fifth period. Willow puts down her sandwich and smiles.	
	" Good for you." says Willow.
	" Boy I don't like that woman." says Gwyn looking up from her salad. " She failed my poetry paper because I didn't have a rough copy and had no organization before hand. She said otherwise it could have been an A. "Witch."
	" I never had her." says Willow. " But she sounds horrible."
	" She is." says Aria.
	There's a loud laugh from the other side of the cafeteria. The girls turn and look.
	" What a freak!" says the 'popular' queen, Stacie Louis. " Just look at the outfit!"
	" Shut up bitch!" yells the girl.
	" Excuse me?" says Stacie.
	The monitor walks over and moves the girl to avoid a fight.
	" That looks like...." starts Willow.
	" That's the next one!" cries Gwyn and they stand up and rush over to her. 
	She's sitting alone at a table in the corner. Her clothes really are terrible but her face is beautiful. She's wearing black fishnet stockings and a red, ripped, long skirt. Her shirt is black and also ripped on the shoulder. Her hair is up in a messy ponytail and over the black it's died red and purple.
	" This is her?" asks Gwyn in a whisper, one who prides herself on looks alone.
	" Come on." says Aria.
	They walk up to the table and the girl looks up at them.
	" Can we sit here?" asks Aria.
	" Why?" asks the girl in a snotty tone. " So you can make fun of me and laugh at me? I don't think so."
	" We don't want to make fun of you." says Willow. " Not everyone wants to be Stacie."
	" Fine." says the girl.  " Sit."
	" Thanks." says Aria and they sit down.
	Three guys walk up and the tallest one stops and chuckles.
	" Hey Gwyn." he says. " What are you doing with this loser?"
	" Shut up Antony." says Gwyn. " Get lost."
	Antony and his friends look shocked as they walk away.
	" Gwyn Cambell?" asks the girl. " Your, like, one of the most popular girls in the school. What are you doing here?"
	" I have to be here." says Gwyn. " Your the next element."
	" What?" asks the girl.
	" God Gwyn." says Willow. " You can't just spit it out like that."
	" Sorry." says Gwyn.
	" What are you people talking about?" asks the girl. " Element of what?"
	" What's your name?" asks Aria.
	" Jade." says the girl.
	" I'm Aria, and these are my sisters, Willow and big mouth." says Aria. " Can we talk to you outside? We'll explain everything."
	" Why not." says Jade. " My day's already ruined."
	They walk outside to the edge of the woods so no one will see them. Then Aria takes out her crystal. She throws it up in the air and Cora comes running out. She joins them, out of breath.
	" I just had this feeling I was missing something." she says as an answer to the stares.
	The crystal burst into light and Jade gasps as her chain appears around her neck. It glows a dark green and a smile appears on her face. The others return her smile and the crystal falls back to Aria's hand. She puts it back in her pocket.
	" Welcome to the group, Earth." she says to Jade. She introduces her to Cora and they start inside.
	As they reach the cafeteria, they hear the bell ring and everyone rushes to get to their next class.

	After school, Cora and Jade meet the sisters in the lobby.
	" I have detention." says Jade. " Because of the cafeteria thing."
	" Okay." says Aria. " We'll stay with you."
	" Why?" Jade looks puzzled. " Why would you do that?"
	" We're a group." says Willow. " We stay together whenever we can."
	" Oh." says Jade still looking confused. 
	They all walk to the detention room and stay until Jade's 'sentence' is through.
	After Jade walks out of the DT room they start for the sister's house.
	" I have an idea." says Gwyn and she whispers something in Aria's ear.
	" Okay." says Aria. " Jade, how would you like Gwyn to give you a makeover?"
	" Sure, I guess." says Jade with a frown. " But I doubt it'll do any good."
	" I think it will." says Gwyn. " It's worth a try."
	They run up the stairs to the girls room and grab some money. Downstairs they get permission to use the car and, taking the keys, the speed off to the mall.

	At the mall, Gwyn drags Jade into every store known to man and makes her try on everything in sight. Though they don't show it, the Cambell family is very well to do. Gywn buys Jade five bags of clothes from ten
different stores and glows with pride. When it comes to fashion, she's the one to turn to and she knows it. They head back out to the car and go home.