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A Gamma World Hell Hole

A Gamma World® Play-by-Post Adventure Archive


This post-apocalyptic tavern/ex-Starport is a place where people can chat and run small mini-campaigns. The year is 2471, and world is in ruins. Strange creatures roam the desert wastes. Have a flaming molten drink and relax! [From the posting site. --ed.]


Prologue (Adventure the First)

  1. The Starport Tavern
  2. Roadtrip
  3. Oad-Ck-Factory
  4. Captain Leghorn
  5. Blackbeard

Adventure the Second

  1. T-Rex
  2. Area 61
  3. How to Cook a Warbot
  4. Meanwhile, Back at the Grav-Car
  5. Reunion, Remuneration and Report

Adventure the Third

  1. Roosteroid in Trouble
  2. Vicious Vegetables
  3. Hunted
  4. NARCturnal Missions
  5. Tavern Antics

Adventure the Fourth

  1. Into the Wasteland
  2. Wolf's Lair
  3. Mole in the Mix
  4. Gamma One
  5. Dealing with Ranse
  6. Kasteen
  7. Closure

Adventure the Fifth

  1. Onward to Datil
  2. Datil
  3. Meet Me at Frederick's of Hollywood
  4. Brief Reunion
  5. Into the Heart of Datil
  6. "ClusterFrak™"
  7. Hampshire
  8. Rescues and Revelations
  9. We Are NARC
  10. Even Gamma Girls Bleed Red
  11. Escape from the Hellhole

Adventure the Sixth

  1. Breathing Room
  2. RoadTrip 2
  3. A New Set of Wheels
  4. Saboteur
  5. Pulse of Death
  6. Reality Unraveled
  7. Emerald Phoenix
  8. Leghorn's Kodak Moment

Adventure the Seventh

  1. Starport Vignettes
  2. Group and Regroup
  3. Exhausted
  4. Battles' Wake
  5. Access Denied
  6. Treachery

Adventure the Eighth

  1. Aftermath
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Elephant Butte
  4. Homecoming
  5. Mission Impossible
  6. Destiny's Door
  7. Infiltration
  8. Bearings
  9. Night Moves
  10. No Rest for the Weary
  11. Collateral Damage
  12. Apocalyptic Revelations
  13. A Traitor Saves the Day
  14. ?? (in progress)

Dramatis Personae

in order of appearance...

Player Characters

links to current stats...

Bartender Robot, played by jimship12.geo
Lamia (NPC)
Humanoid (Gren), played by lamia_best
Jonn Dukas (NPC)
Pure Strain Human, played by jonndukas
Howard Dodgers of the 23½ Century
Mutant Duck, played by gammaben
Brimstone (AWOL)
Mutant Cougar, played by hunter_brimstone
Captain Foghorn Leghorn
Mutant Rooster, played by kazashima, thorninfoot, and cpt_leghorn
Jake Omega
Humanoid, played by jake_omega
Mutant Goat, played by konatsu_2005 (aka konatsu257 and chibikonatsu)
Mutant Leopard, played by gw_kicker
Humanoid, played by ormahzdthegolden (aka dragondodger2001)
Marcus (MIA)
Mutant Fox, played by tharavos
Liska Ironclaw (IN RECOVERY: Starport)
Pure Strain Human, played by lis_ka_iron
Humanoid, played by wardog4592001
Frieda Abel (NPC)
Pure Strain Human, played by frei_abel (aka calenril_i)
Freya Dragonbane (DEAD)
Humanoid, played by freya_dragonbane
Mycinod Ascomoid (NPC)
Mutant Mushroom, played by domonhu
Doctor Templeton (INACTIVE: Starport)
Pure Strain Human, played by Machito69
Xeva Zoom (DEAD)
Humanoid (Gamma Girl), played by xeva_zoom
Reverend Jack Bunyun (INACTIVE: Starport)
Humanoid, played by shindorim7
Twoducks Hardy
Mutant Duck, played by two_ducks_hardy
Ironcat (INACTIVE: Starport)
Cyborg Tiger, played by cy_berleagic
Chuck Webber (INACTIVE: Starport)
Humanoid, played by chuck_webber
Mutant Porcupine, played by rhyn_gw
Liara Ironclaw (DISBANDED)
Pure Strain Human, played by liara_ironclaw
Katkin Kalvin (DEAD)
Mutant Housecat, played by katkin_kalvin
Warrr'a (CRYO-FROZEN: Missile Silo #23)
Mutant Hamster, played by warrr_hamster
Jonathan Thomas Meriweather (NPC)
Pure Strain Human, played by amazonworshipper
Leela Ahn
Humanoid, played by leela_ahn
Tempest (NPC)
Series 11 Military Special Ops Unit, played by domonhu
Marg Waldom
Humanoid, played by margwaldom
Shadow Blaise
Humanoid, played by coraxgirl2000
Killaria Windimeer
Humanoid, played by freya_dragonbane
Dredain Slyhawk (DEAD)
Pure Strain Human, played by darksonprime
Jak (DEAD)
Humanoid, played by ender3d2001

Non-Player Characters

links to NARC Files if existent...

Gallus 5/13
Security Robotoid at the Oad-Ck-Factory, and later, at the Albuquerque Starport.
Rex-10000 (aka T-Rex)
Warbot despot and would-be ruler of Area 61. (DEAD)
Pulse rifle, semi-sentient and irritatingly loquacious; the most powerful weapon in Gamma Terra. Made by Atari Corp. Named by Brimstone.
Timon (aka "Blackbeard")
Pure Strain Human leader of a militant Cryptic Alliance of mutant thugs.
Security Robot and rebellious slave to Rex-10000. See Joshua.
Commander Ralph Stiles
Jonn's crusty contact at the New Albuquerque Restorationist Club (NARC).
Sergeant Abe Saint
Information courier for NARC/Haven Restorationists.
Xxi Service Robot
Keeper of the Starport Gift Shop.
Amerindian denizen of Wolf's Lair. NARC operative.
Xervian (aka Kasteen)
Reptiloid proprietoress of Podine's Powders in Gamma One. NARC operative.
Arms dealer in Gamma One.
Porcine capitalist in Datil. NARC operative.
Liz Oigne
Buff leader of Hampshire's Gamma Girls. Frieda's friend.
Medical-Robot-Tech-3 (T3)
Robotic doctors employed by Hampshire and Geo.
Penny Leghorn
Captain Leghorn's wife, sold into slavery along with her chicks Raggy and Little Bit.
Stand-in bartender robot at the Starport Tavern.
Gravin Nardies
Second in command of the Mystic Mages (a Cyber Mage faction).
Frieda's Ecology Bot.
Nathan Caine
Leader of the Mystic Mages.
Mystic Mage soldier-saboteur.
Chuck's telepathic dog.
The XJ1's medical AI.
Hanes Riply
Mystic Mage sniper. (DEAD)
Cluas Exith
Mystic Mage sniper. (DEAD)
Darien Maxium
Mystic Mage wannabe. (DEAD)
Young Lizardman who befriends Liara.
Amanda Pain
Mystic Mage soldier.
Sergeant Mabb
Mystic Mage soldier.
Robot Janitor #411, Robot Janitor #152
Geo's clean-up crew at the Starport. They do his dirty work.
The XJ1's intelligent digital starship systems manager.
A type of cybernetic police robot, also called "Unit Zed."
Jake's son, whose brain is hooked up to a T3 unit (formerly hooked up to a K-11).
Bess Saint
Abe's wife and mother of their newborn son Dracon.
Brinic Davis
Mayor of Haven.
Dr. Chiana
NARC's top scientist in Haven.
Howard's part-time (Duckoid) lover.
Chameleoid gladiator in Timon's slave corps.

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