Ch. Conquest-Rosend's Rich Girl, DOM

Ch. Berlane-Rosend's Tribute to B.K. ex Ch. Backwoods-Conquest's Little Ms. Magic

May 19, 2007

Dam of 5 Champions!

Dam of Merit in her first litter!

Wins 3-pt major at just 9 mos. of age, owner-handled!

Takes her second major with a BOB, handled by Kimberlie Steele-Gamero!

Finishes with 3 majors...beautifully handled by Kimberlie!

We were so lucky that Bob and Debbie White of Conquest Boxers are letting us co-own Tiffany with them. The White's and their co-breeder, Sarah South of Backwoods Boxers, have bred a fantastic litter and it was a hard choice for us, but Tiffany just seemed right for Rosend. Kimberlie Steele-Gamero and Tiffany did their Boxer-magic, with Tiff finishing with 3 majors! Thanks Kimbie!!

We gave Tiffany her registered name from the great Hall and Oates song, Rich Girl. Of course we couldn't call her "Hall" or "Oates," but "Tiffany" seemed perfect for this diamond.

Tiffany's first litter (by GCh. R and G's Mystical Dancer, "Danny"), has had great success, including Riley who finished at 9 months/9 days old, Joey who finished at 11 months, Madison who finished at 18 months, and Mischa who finished at 25 months, making Tiffany a Dam of Merit. Here are the kids from their first litter:

Tiffany's second litter, born January 11, 2011, a repeat, has produced another Champion...the 5th for Tiffany and the 22nd for Danny:

Tiffany's health checks: SAS clear--color doppler normal, 1.7 flow rate (10/08); 24-hr holter--0 PVCs (5/09); ARVC--negative; DM--"at risk".


Here's Tiffany's pedigree:

Ch. Telstar's Goodtime Charlie, SOM

Ch. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM (2-time Top 20 Contender)(OFA-heart and hips)

Ginger's Gold'n Glow

Ch. Berlane-Rosend's Tribute to B.K. (SAS, EKG, echo doppler-normal; holter-0 PVCs; ARVC-negative; DM-positive homo; OFA-hips, thryoid-normal)

Am./Can. Ch. Bayview Clean Sweep, SOM, (OFA-heart and hips; 24-hr holter)

Am./Can. Ch. Berlane's Flyin' High (OFA-heart and hips; 24-hr holter)

Am./Can. Ch. Berlane's Wish Upon A Star, DOM, LOM (OFA-heart and hips; 24-hr holter)

Ch. High River's Cadet of Salbad

Ch. High River's Taylor Made of Backwoods, SOM (Top 20 Contender)(ABC WD/BOW and BOS)(SAS-clear & 24-hr. holter-normal)

High River's Classic Rose

Ch. Backwoods-Conquest's Little Ms. Magic (SAS, EKG, echo doppler-normal; holter-0 PVCs; ARVC-positive het; DM-positive homo;OFA-hips, thyroid-normal)

Ch. Rosend's Satchmo (Top 20 Contender) (OFA/cardiac SAS-clear via doppler, DNA)

Ch. Rosend's N Backwoods Material Girl (SAS, EKG, echo doppler-normal)

Ch. Berlane's N Rosend's Diva, DOM(OFA/cardiac & 24-hr holter-12 PVCs)

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Ch. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM, Raider
Ch. Rosend's Bo Diddley, SOM, Bo.
Ch. Rosend's Corporate Raider, SOM,
Ch. Rosend's Key Largo, SOM, LOM,
Ch. Rosend's Satchmo,

Ch. Rosend's Hot Diggity, Archie.
GCh. Conquest-Rosend's New Kid In Town,
Ch. Rosend-Conquest's Firework,
Ch. Rosend's Johnny Ace, Ch. Jems-Rosend's Jamin Uptown, Other boys!.

Ch. Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM, LOM, Gabby
Ch. Rosend Hello Dolly of Bayview, Dolly
Ch. Skidoo's "N" Rosend's Keepsake, Twiggy
Ch. Rosend's Lady Day, Billie
Ch. Berlane's "N" Rosend's Diva, DOM, Babs
Ch. Rosend's Imagine, Johnnie
Ch. Rosend's Time After Time, Cyndi
Ch. Conquest-Rosend's Rich Girl, DOM, Tiffany
GCh. Rosend-Conquest's Garden Party, Madison
Ch. Rosend-Conquest's I Wanna Talk About Me, Joey
Ch. Rosend's N Grand's She's Got The Look, Mischa
Ch. Rosend-Conquest's Ms. Independent, Kelly
Ch. Glennroe Brandy N'Cream, Ch. Rosend's Stardust, Ch. Rosend's Heartbreaker, Other girls!

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