Ch. Rosend's Time After Time

Ch. High River's Taylor Made of Backwoods, SOM ex Ch. Rosend's N Backwoods Material Girl

April 8, 2003 - August 13, 2007

Cyndi made our dreams come true...2004 Grand Futurity Winner! Thank you judge Mel Holloman and handler Kimberlie Steele!

Cyndi finished 2004 as the #12 Boxer and a Top 20 Contender!

Cyndi won her first group at 15 months of age and has since won another additional 3 groups in 2 weekends!

Cyndi wins her first Specialty at 11 months of age, her second at 18 months, and another at 20 months!


Cyndi had a stunning career leading to her Championship at 10 mos., 7 days of age:

4 majors!

Grand Sweepstaes under breeder judge Sarah Neeley!

BP/WB/BOW at Sacramento Valley Boxer Club under breeder judge Janet Sinclair!

Cyndi goes WB/BOW for 5-pt major under Judy Doniere!

Cyndi goes WB at Orange Coast Boxer Club under breeder judge Larry Sinclair!

Cyndi goes back-to-back majors at just 9 mos. of age!

Cyndi goes RWB at East Bay Boxer Club under breeder judge Tom Perret!


Cyndi's call name comes from the haunting Cyndi Lauper song "Time After Time." It was on the radio as I was driving home from a show wondering what to name my next beautiful girl. It was "kismet."

Jerry and I were fortunate to place Cyndi's mom, Ch. Rosend's N Backwoods Material Girl (Madonna) with Sarah South of Backwoods Boxers. We're privileged to be co-breeders with Sarah on Cyndi and her littermates, and delighted that Madonna was bred to the magnificent Taylor. She did both her Mom, Pop and Sarah proud.

Making her debut in the ring, and only 6-1/2 months old, her accomplishments are listed above, finishing at 10 months, 7 days of age! At the other end of the lead was Kimberlie Steele (Thank you Kimbie!). Cyndi not only won her 12-15 month Futurity class this year, but went all the way to the 2004 Grand Futurity Winner, with Kimberlie Steele on the lead and Mel Holloman the judge.

As beautiful as God made Cyndi, he also made her with one undeveloped kidney, which was discovered when Cyndi was 2-1/2 years of age. Our beautiful girl had a wonderful life, full of fun, love, and excellent health until her other kidney failed, ultimately taking her life. She died with Auntie Debbie and me by her side, holding her tight. She is now with her Dad, Mom, and so many other wonderful Boxers. Goodnight my sweet princess...I miss you so.

Here's Cyndi's pedigree:

Ch. High River's On Fire, SOM

Ch. High River's Cadet of Salbad

Abad's Manilena

Ch. High Rivers Taylor Made of Backwoods, SOM (24-hr holter-0 PVCs; SAS, EKG, echo doppler-normal)

Ch. High River's On Fire, SOM

High River's Classic Rose

High River's Roxanna

Ch. Jems Pearl Jam, SOM, LOM, OFA (Top 20 Contender)(SAS-clear & 24-hr. holter-normal)

Ch. Rosend's Satchmo (Top 20 Contender) (OFA/cardiac SAS-clear via doppler, DNA)

Ch. Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM, LOM (Dam of 9 Champions)(OFA/cardiac & 24-hr holter-2 PVCs)

Ch. Rosend's N Backwoods Material Girl (SAS, EKG, echo doppler-normal)

Ch. Rosend's Key Largo, SOM, LOM (Top 20 Contender)(OFA/cardiac & 24-hr holter-0 PVCs, DNA)

Ch. Berlane's N Rosend's Diva, DOM(OFA/cardiac & 24-hr holter-12 PVCs)

Ch. Berlane's Wish Upon A Star, DOM, LOM (OFA/cardiac/hips & 24-hr holter-0 PVCs, CERF, thyroid)


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