Ch. Rosend's After Midnight, SOM

Ch. Jems Pearl Jam, SOM, LOM ex Ch. Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM, LOM

October 12, 1999 - November 2004

Nick just barely started his show career and he was finished at 15 months of age. Shown by Jimmy Bettis, Nick finished with 3 majors. Nick is owned by Bill and Kathy Huspeni of Dajon Boxers, Aurora, CO, e-mail address, Nick is a multiple BOB winner and a BISS winner.

Health tests: Nick has been cleared of SAS by a board-certified cardiologist, Jan. 25, 2001, and has had a perfect 24-hour holter done in 2004. Also, DNA profile # P76025. Also, both Nick's parents have been tested by a board certified cardiologist and holtered and found to have no heart abnoramities.

The Pearl Jam/Uptown Girl breeding was truly magic. To see why we think that, take a look at Nick's other siblings: Ch. Jems-Rosend's Jamin Uptown (finishing at only 10 months of age taking 2 5-pt majors during ABC Regional week) and 2003 Top 20 Contender Ch. Rosend's Satchmo, finishing at only 14 months of age, Satchmo.

Nick has 7champions get to date and and has achieved the most coveted ABC Sire of Merit status. Two of his get have also achieved their ABC Sire of Merit status and one a Legion of Merit:

Nick recently suffered from a devastating and fast growing cancer, taking its hold initially in his prostrate, but eventually laying waste to most of his organs. He was sent to the bridge in Bill and Kathy's arms, no longer suffering from pain. Goodnight sweet boy.

We have included Nick's pedigree below:

Ch. Telstar's Goodtime Charlie, SOM

Ch. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM (OFA/hips & cardiac); 2-time Top 20 Contender

Ginger's Gold'n Glow

Ch. Jems Pearl Jam, SOM, LOM, OFA (Top 20 Contender)(SAS-clear & 24-hr. holter-normal)

Ch. Berena's Tribute to Fa-Fa, SOM

Jems Pearl of Manor Hill

Ch. Manor Hill's My Fair Lady (Top 20 Contender)

Ch. Telstar's Goodtime Charlie, SOM

Ch. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM (OFA/hips & cardiac); 2-time Top 20 Contender

Ginger's Gold'n Glow

Ch. Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM, LOM (OFA/cardiac & 24-hr holter-2 PVCs; dam of 9 Ch.)

Ch. Glennroe Rum Runner, SOM (OFA)

Von Helm's Princess Kelly (dam of 3 Champions and 2 Sire/Dam of Merit)

Rivernook's Rascal Lass

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Our Boys Our Girls

Ch. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM, Raider
Ch. Rosend's Bo Diddley, SOM, Bo.
Ch. Rosend's Corporate Raider, SOM,
Ch. Rosend's Key Largo, SOM, LOM,
Ch. Rosend's Satchmo,

Ch. Rosend's Hot Diggity, Archie.
GCh. Conquest-Rosend's New Kid In Town,
Ch. Rosend-Conquest's Firework,
Ch. Rosend's Johnny Ace, Ch. Jems-Rosend's Jamin Uptown, Other boys!.

Ch. Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM, LOM, Gabby
Ch. Rosend Hello Dolly of Bayview, Dolly
Ch. Skidoo's "N" Rosend's Keepsake, Twiggy
Ch. Rosend's Lady Day, Billie
Ch. Berlane's "N" Rosend's Diva, DOM, Babs
Ch. Rosend's Imagine, Johnnie
Ch. Rosend's Time After Time, Cyndi
Ch. Conquest-Rosend's Rich Girl, DOM, Tiffany
GCh. Rosend-Conquest's Garden Party, Madison
Ch. Rosend-Conquest's I Wanna Talk About Me, Joey
Ch. Rosend's N Grand's She's Got The Look, Mischa
Ch. Rosend-Conquest's Ms. Independent, Kelly
Ch. Glennroe Brandy N'Cream, Ch. Rosend's Stardust, Ch. Rosend's Heartbreaker, Other girls!

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