Ch. Berlane-Rosend's Tribute To B.K., CGC

Ch. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM ex Ch. Berlane's Flyin High

June 17, 2003 - May 28, 2013

Multiple Specialty WD/BW and Best Puppy!

Multiple Specialty Sweepstakes!

Multiple BOB Winner!

Placed in Veteran Class at ABC at 8 years!

Sire of 4 Champions, including one DOM, to date!

Marcus was an incredible Boxer who had a wonderfully short and successful class career before gaining his championship at 16 months of age, shown always by Kimberlie Steele-Gamero. Owned and loved by Conquest Boxers (Bob and Debbie White) and bred by Berlane Boxers (Ron and Sharon Berry), Marcus has had an equally impressive stud career. In very limited breeding, he's has 4 Champions to date, with one DOM, shown below. But, Lymphoma took Marcus just 2 weeks before his 10th birthday. Deb and Bob and we at Rosend were devastated. Below you'll see Marcus life in photos, along with his pedigree.

Marcus' health checks:

  • Holter by Board-certified Cardiologist, Dr. Kienle
    • 10 PVCs - October 2008
    • 0 PVCs - June 2004
  • Asculation and Doppler by Board-certified Cardiologist, Dr. Kienle
    • Results normal - 1.5 flow rate - October 2008
    • Results normal - 1.7 flow rage - June 2004
  • Hips - OFA "Excellent" - March 2006
  • ARVC - negative
  • DM - "at risk"


Here's Marcus' pedigree:

Ch. Berena's Gemini Splashdown, SOM, LOM

Ch. Telstar's Goodtime Charlie, SOM

Telstar's High Fidelity

Ch. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM (OFA/hips & cardiac by doppler); 2-time Top 20 Contender

Am./Can. Ch. Mephisto's Spartacus

Ginger's Gold'n Glow

Coco's Fansee Dansen

Ch. Bayview Strides Ahead, SOM, LOM

Am./Can. Ch. Bayview Clean Sweep, SOM, (OFA-heart and hips; 24-hr holter)

Bayview Golden Summit

Am./Can. Ch. Berlane's Flyin' High (OFA-heart and hips; 24-hr holter)

Ch. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM (2-time Top 20 Contender)(OFA-heart and hips)

Am./Can. Ch. Berlane's Wish Upon A Star, DOM, LOM (OFA-heart and hips; 24-hr holter)

Berlane's Just Causin Kaos

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Ch. Rosend-Conquest's I Wanna Talk About Me, Joey
Ch. Rosend's N Grand's She's Got The Look, Mischa
Ch. Rosend-Conquest's Ms. Independent, Kelly
Ch. Glennroe Brandy N'Cream, Ch. Rosend's Stardust, Ch. Rosend's Heartbreaker, Other girls!

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