This started back around 2003 when somebody posted on a Bulletin Board about not being able to
get a specific Coil Spring Decal from the parts suppliers. There were some decals available, but they
were very generic (suitable to the most common models) and did not fit this person's specific needs.
So I said to myself "I can make those". After some various research I started to do Spring Decals
for a few fellow Chevelle Enthusiasts. I never really marketed this fact and would be contacted
every so often by somebody who heard about the service. Over the next year or two this
expanded to include other various decals for 69 Chevelles (itemized below).

I have also been approached on different occasions to do decals for other year Chevelles and/or
other models. I have done some for 70 Chevelles, 68 Chevelles and 69 Camaros. It is important
to note that my research was essentially completed for 69 Chevelles and not these other models.
For these other models it is up to the owner to do the research. Codes, part numbers and colors
can be changed to suite individual needs.

I think my pricing for this is very reasonable as it is just a hobby. Prices are quoted on an individual
basis based on how many and what specific decals are ordered. Primarily I want to cover my costs,
my time and maybe have a couple of bucks left over.

All the decals on these pages are sealed on the face with clear 3M vinyl (except Posi Decal
and Jacking Instructions. They should hold up well under normal conditions. However,
if you drive the car in the rain or haul it on an open trailer in the rain then the decals on the undercarriage
will likely have the ink run. So keep this in mind when considering an order. They can be done
without the vinyl if you wish.

Noted below is a breakdown of what I have to offer (go to links for details). If you think you
might be interested in getting something done then just send me an email and we can discuss it.

NOTE - Depending on your browser you may need to "right click"
on these links and open in new tab.


DISCLAIMER - Any and all information herein has been compiled from GM information or provided
by fellow enthusiasts. I am obviously not in a position to guarantee its absolute correctness.

Front and Rear Springs (68-70 Chevelle & Camaro)

Disc Brake Backing Plates

Front and Rear Shocks


Rear Drums Axle Code

Throttle Cable

Valve Cover Engine Code

Master Cylinder Bail

Windshield Wiper Motor

Decklid Posi Decal

Tire Pressure Decals
67-68 Camaro

Jacking Instructions Decals
70 Chevelle "Late" Version
70 Chevelle "Early" Version
68-69 Chevelle
69 Chevelle SS
67 Camaro
68 Camaro
69 Camaro

Emissions Decals
68 Camaro
69 Camaro
69 Chevelle
69 Full Size Chev

Air Cleaner Decals
69 Camaro
69 Chevelle
70 Chevelle
71-72 Chevelle

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Don Lightfoot, Kingston, Ontario
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