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Articles, Books, and URLs:

Assignments are of three types: URLs, Books, and Articles. For the URLs, find the number of the URL provided in the syllabus and click on the desired link. Books and articles that are in printed media are arranged below in separate categories of "Books" and "Articles." Books that are required, are on reserve at Wilson Library.


URLs appear as numbers: W100-W499

Books appear as numbers: B500-B799

Articles appear as numbers: A800-A1000


W101. Central Asia: An Overview
Afghanistan: An Overview
Iran: A Concise Overview
Tajikistan: A Concise Overview
Kazakhstan: A Concise Overview
Turkmenstan: A Concise Overview
Kyrgyzstan: A Concise Overview
Uzbekistan: A Concise Overview
Azerbaijan: A Concise Overview
The Qashqais of Iran
The Bakhtiaris of Iran
The Kirghiz of Afghanistan
The Kazakhs of China
History of the Manghits I
History of the Manghits II
History of the Ashtarkhanids
Rahim Masov's History of a National Catastrophe
Firdowsi's Life
Turk and Tur in Firdowsi's Shahname
The Role of Farr in Firdowsi's Shahname
From the Hymns of Zarathustra to the Songs of Borbad
Firdowsi's Shahname in Iranian Society
Characters of the Shahname of Firdowsi
The Samanids and the Revival of the Civilization of the Iranian Peoples
Iran and Islam to A.D. 1400
M. A. Jamalzadeh's Life
"Persian is Sugar"
"Six of One,..."
Hedayat's Life
"Story with a Result"
"Haji Murad"
"Three Drops of Blood"
"Dash Akol"
"Don Juan of Karaj"
Social Setting and Themes in the Works of Hedayat
"The Stray Dog"
"The Water of Life"
"The Dark House"
"The Patriot"
The Blind Owl
W140. The Pearl Cannon
W141. Chubak's Life
W142. "Justice"
W142a. "The Oil Seller"
W143. "The Baboon Whose Buffoon Was Dead"
W144. Ibrahim Gulistan's life
W145. "Carrousel"
W146. Jalal Al-i Ahmad's life
W147. The China Vase
W148. "Weststruckness"
W149. Simin Danishvar's life
W150. "A Land Like Paradise"
W151. Nasir Taghvai's life
W152. "Aqa Julu"
W153. Shapur Qarib's life
W154. "The Warm South"
W155. Amin Faqiri's Life
W156. Water
W157. The Bathhouse
W158. Samad Behrangi's life
W159. "The Little Black Fish"
W160. Kerbabayev's life
W161. The Merry Japbaks
W162. Aibek's life
W163. Mukhtar Auezov's life
W164. Sadriddin Aini's life
W165. Sattor Tursun's life
W166. "The Intersection"
W167. Chingiz Aitmatov's Life
W168. The Art of Chingiz Aitmatov
W169. Jamila
W170. Farewell, Gyulsary!
W171a. Life and Works of Abu 'Abd Allah Rudaki
W171. Lament in Old Age, (Arberry, pp. 93-94).
W172. Ju-ye Muliyan
W173. A Wind From Home
W174a. Life of Abul Qasim 'Unsuri
W174. What is that Aqueous Thing?
W175. The Eagle and the Crow: A Dialogue
W176. The Eagle
W177. Life of Abul Hassan Farrukhi
W177. The Thunder-cloud
W178. The Branding, (Arberry, pp. 95-96).
W179. The Life of Abu al-Najm Manuchehri
W179. The Mother of Wine
W179a. Rise and Wrap Yourself in Silk Brocade, (Clinton, 113-118)
W179b. Master of the Masters.
W179c. The Candle.
W180. Rustam Slays Suhrab
W181. Satire on Mahmud
W182. The Life of Nasir-i Khusrau
W182a. The Pilgrimage
W182b. Reproach Not the Firmament!
W182c. Bear A Word
W183. Khayyam's Life and Works
W184. Attar's Seven Valleys of Love
W185. The Veil, (Arberry, pp. 44-45).
W186R. Rumi's Life and Philosophy
W186. The Song of the Reed, (Arberry, pp. 118-119).
W187. I Died as a Mineral, (Arberry, (CPL) p. 241).
W188. Sa'di's Life and his Gulistan (Kritzeck, pp. 247-255)
W189. Hafiz's Life
W190. Hafiz' Shirazi Turk
W191. Hafiz and the Sufic Ghazal
W192. Nima's Life
W193. Hey, People (Hillmann, p. 26)
W194. Snow (TLR), p. 59)
W195. My House is Cloudy (TLR p. 53)
W196. Along the River Bank (TLR, p. 55)
W197. Moonlight
W198. E'tesami's Life
W199. Iranian Women (Moayyad, pp. 107-109)
W200. A Woman's Place (Moayyad,pp. 132-135)
W201. Forughzad's Life
W202. I Feel Sad for the Garden
W203. Another Birth (Hillmann, pp. 124-126)
W204. The Wind Will Carry Us Away
W204a. The Wedding Band
W204b. Rebellion
W204c. The Captive
W205. Inscription (Karimi-Hakkak, pp. 90-92)
W205a. Life of Akhavan-Sales
W206. Naderpur's Life
W207. Ghom (Karimi-Hakkak, p. 106)
W208. The Spirit (Hillmann, p. 168)
W209. Shamlu's Life
W210. Anthem (Hillmann, pp. 187-188)
W211. Somber Song (Hillmann, p. 189)
W212. Tablet (Karimi-Hakkak, pp. 56-59)
W213. The Poetry That is Life (Aryanpur, pp. 320-21)
W213a. In this Cul-de-Sac
W213b. From Death...
W214. Golsorkhi's Life
W215. The Poem of the Unknown
W215aAnthem of Unity
W216. Soltanpur's Life
W217. What Has Happened to My Country?
W218. Ahmad Kasravi's Life and his view on the role of poetry
W219. Guidelines for Writing Book Reports
W220. Guidelines for Writing Papers
W221. Nizami's life
Fierce Grey
Akbar Tursunov's Life
    W224a. "From the Ashes"
Mazdian Cosmology
Identities in Perspective: Ancient Roots of Present-day Conflicts
Jamal al-Din al-Afghani
Enver Pasha
W229. The Nowruz Scrolls
W230. Muslims and Communists Vie for Power in Tajikistan
W231. The Hajj Rituals
W232. To Have and to Lose
W233. Piebald Dog Running Along the Shore
W234. The Reforms of the Pahlavis: Phase One
W235. The Reforms of the Pahlavis: Phase Two
W236. Terminology Related to Islam
W237. The Impact of Egypt on Ancient Iran
W238. The Ahuric Order and the Platonic Form
W239. Fereydun Moshiri's Life and The Alley
W240. Medieval Islamic Thought: Interplay of Faith and Reason

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