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Eating Disorders and

"If hope is all you've got, then you've still got a lot."

This site is for you. It is for your family and your friends. It is ideas and inspiration. It is HOPE.

"You gain strength, experience, and confidence by every experience where you really stop to look fear in the face... You must do the thing
you cannot do." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Recovering from eating disorders and self-mutilation is very difficult, because we must "really stop to look fear in the face". We have become so used to numbing our feelings through the ED and SM behaviors that our feelings truly scare us. At times it may seem too scary, and too impossible, to recover. But, as Eleanor said, we must look fear in the face and "do the thing we cannot do".

This site is dedicated to recovery from EDs and SM. I hope you find it useful!
Some of the links MAY BE TRIGGERING!
Please do not read right now if you feel you are vulnerable, I do NOT want anyone to be harmed by this site!

~*~Created With Love by Alissa~*~
Also, I frequently update this site, so bookmark it and check back for more! :)

ED Test
Could you have an eating disorder?

You Are Not Alone
Quotes & lyrics to relate to

Christian Inspiration
Christian quotes & lyrics

More Inspiration
Secular quotes & poems

This Is Who I Am
A little about me

My Story
In the beginning...

My Fight
Updates on my recovery

Hidden Pain
Being in abusive relationships

Key Steps To Recovery
Some ideas that work!

Functional Analysis
A great recovery tool!

How to get through the tough times

Setting goals

One Small Step
How you can help

I'm Blue Da Ba Dee
A little bit about depression

Various related sites I've found

Email Me
If you have any questions, comments, ideas, etc.

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