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List of Fans

List of Fans

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    Why do you love Jim:
    Type of Instant Messenger & Screen Name:

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    List Of Fans:

    1)Name: Sarah
    State: San Antonio, TX
    Why do you love Jim? He's hott, sings good, sweet, etc.
    Instant Messenger: AOL/sfo85 & Yahoo/justins_gurl_sarah

    2)Name: Miranda
    State:Henderson, KY
    Why do you love Jim?He's hott, has a great voice, and he's real.

    3)Name:Kristy G.
    State:Portage, PA
    Why do you love Jim?Because he's such a sweet guy, very talanted, hot..ect ect ect!
    Instant Messenger: aol- tigergirlkristy

    4) Name:Name: Krista
    State: OH
    Why do you love Jim? Hes really talented and determined. Not to mention cute :). I hope the best for him!
    Instant Messenger: aol-ashleyangel05 , yahoo- suganspice8756

    5)Name:Tina Raber
    State: Omaha, Nebraska
    Why do you love Jim: Why wouldn't I love him!! He is so CUTE!!!
    Instant Messenger :AOL-nsync4eva11831

    6) Name:Jenny
    Why do you love Jim?The best part about him was that he was not conceited at all. It was obvious he was out there because he loved singing. He took so much criticism from Simon and he kept pushing forward and performing well. He's such an inspiration!
    Instant Messenger: All the same as above

    7) Name: Julie
    Why do you love Jim? He is the hottest guy ever, he has the best voice ever, he seems like he is really down the earth, respectful and sweet.
    Instant Messanger: strawberryicee17, aim-xjim verraros4e

    8) Name: Tami
    State:Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Why do you love Jim?I Love Jim Because He is a beautiful person inside & out!!! He can teach me how to sign....Anytime
    Instant Messanger:MSN-Tami

    Why do you love Jim?His voice, his confidence, and most of all his style.
    Instant Messenger: AOL/ AIM/JimIsMyIdol02

    Why do you love Jim?Its hard to describe. I love him for more then his looks. He has a good heart and he is the sweetest guy ever. He has no ego at all and he looks for the good in everyone and its just sweet.
    Instant Messager: aol-erikzshygirl21, yahoo-eriks_bad_girl21, MSN- im_a_slave_for_josh_henderson (

    State:Los Angeles,California
    Why do you love Jim?Who wouldn't? Hes got the talent, the personality and the looks. He is SUPER hot!!
    Instant Messager:AIM:xxoJimsangelxxo

    Why do you love Jim?He is so sweet!!! He is so cute!! And he's a very good singer!!!
    Instant Messenger: AIM: JamiArch

    State:Cincinnati, Ohio
    Why do you love Jim?He has a really down-to-earth attitude that makes him seem like the perfect idol. He also has a wonderful voice, and he is absolutely gorgeous!
    Instant Messenger: AOL Instant Messenger, my screen names are ILuvJimVnKellyC, Tayandmelc and VelmaOsbourne

    Why do you love Jim?He's very talented!
    Instant Messenger: AOL - MrsBootyBass

    Why do you love Jim?He has talent, plus I know he will do well in whatever he does! He's a great person altogether.
    Instant Messenger: Yahoo Messenger: noauthoritybabe69 and AIM Messenger: mzunderstoodazn

    Why do you love Jim? He's an all around nice package(he sings well, he's cute, and he's so nice).
    Instant Messenger: Aol: OTownsAngel281 - Yahoo: AllIWantForChristmasIsOTown

    Why do you love Jim?I love jim because he's so sweet, nice, hot, and he sings so incredible!
    Instant Messenger: Aol
    18)Name:Rick Long
    Why do you love Jim?Well he has a style all his own, and an outgoingness about him.
    Instant Messenger: AOL aim: abercrombie115

    19)Name:Leila Manges
    Why do you love Jim?He's SO incredibly SEXY and I can't get enough of his voice!! :)
    Instant Messenger: MSN /

    State:Yonkers, Ny
    Why do you love Jim?Jim is so cute because of his smile. I just love him. Also he has such a cool look and style. I love his glasses on him.

    21)Name:Jenna Hanson
    Why do you love Jim?Jim is just freakin' awesome! he's adorable, he sang "easy" he is not afraid to be himself and that is important. he is dorky, to me being dorky is the coolest thing to Rocks!
    Instant Messenger: aol/aim. GCnMxPx84 or MusicDork8

    22)Name:Ashley Sanchez
    Why do you love Jim?He is such a cutie, he can sing and he is such a sweetheart!!!!
    Instant Messenger: aol-trixiegrl2 or yahoo-punkprincess630

    Why do you love Jim?Check out my profile on AOL
    Instant Messenger: Aim and Aol sn is up there and sweetestleopard

    23)Name:Erica Kloetstra
    State:Chicago, IL
    Why do you love Jim?he's really cute, seems sweet, good performer, ect...
    Instant Messenger: none

    Why do you love Jim?caz he is so0o0o hott!! i love his smile :)
    Instant Messenger: AIM: QuEaMaCHRiS and FoxMXGurl16

    Why do you love Jim?he's so cute..talented..down to earth..he also just looks like a sweet guy!!!
    Instant Messenger: aol~ImaSLAV3foU aim~aNgEl BlOnDy 3 6

    State:Vancouver , Canada
    Why do you love Jim?: I love Jim because hes his own person hes not trying to be like any other boy singer out there hes just him what you see is wat you get and with him thats what ALOT of girl wants..I think hes gorgeous and his voice is my heart he will always be my "American Idol" WE LOVE JIM OUT HERE IN CANADA!

    State:Chicago, IL
    Why do you love Jim?: Hilarious, sweet, talented, persevered, adorable and definitely made American Idol worth watching! He just seems so real and is incredible as a person. He deserved to be American Idol! If he ever puts out a record, I will be the first in line!
    Instant Messanger: AOL- xxdancinmissaxx and AIM- Brown x eyez

    28)Name:Beth Fransioli :)
    Why do you love Jim?: He really strived for his dreams and went a long way ... He showed what you you can accomplish, when you work for your dreams! And he is absolutely ADORABLE! :p
    Instant Messanger: AIM - IDeMoIDiVaI ... Yahoo! - DeMoDiViNe ... MSN -

    Why do you love Jim?: cuz hes SUPER TALENNTED! in both singing and dancing
    Instant Messanger: jcxcelebrity23

    30)Name:Meghan (Jims biggest fan)
    State:Minnesota baby!! hehe
    Why do you love Jim?: i luuv him soo much because eversince i saw him i went crazay ova him, i voted for him a ton on the phone, i went to his concert and was screamin like crazay when he was out, and he is soo cute, and i did him once in karoke and it was soo funn, i luv him soo much, and it is my ddream to meet him !
    Instant Messanger: AIM, Megachan20

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