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Fan Encounters

Fan Encounters

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  • 1)

    I went to the A.I. concert in Anahiem, and i was in the second row. I am fluent in sign language so i tryed to get Jims attention so i could sign to him, and i did! i told him he was the best, and he signed back, "thank you so much!" then, he turned around again, came toward me and signed "thank you for coming to the show" i signed back, "your welcome!" so thatw as my little encounter, it was pretty cooL!

    2) by:kelly (

    Well I went to AI concert in A.C New jersey. And i was eight row..they were very good seats.Well after the show,I asked my dad if we can go to where the tour buses are and he had that some1 who worked there said they were staying the night. But he said we can go and see anyway.So we went and i saw some fan there so i ask if any1 came out and their say no but their will be. So i wait and FINALLY Jim came out he stop and talked to us and took picture,signed posters. I got a pictures w/him and he signed my news paper cover with AI on it. Jim is so nice and sweet. I hugged him and told him thanks your very kind. He smelled soooo good he was the only one who stoped and talked to the fan. Every1 eles didn't! that's my fan encounter!

    Email Me If you have an encounter of any sort.

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