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  • Name: Sarah

    Age: 16

    Hometown: San Antonio,TX


    Why I made this site: When I first saw Jim I fell in love with him. He sang so good! I loved him so much that when he was on the show in the first group, I voted for him 117 times. And when he was one of the finalist I voted for him 664 times. But dang that still didn't get him through to the next round. Oh well I know he will still make it in the world! And a lot of you think so,too.

    Favorite Famous People: Gosh so many, so little time. lol. But I do love Justin Timberlake, Josh Hartnett, Shane West, uhhh.... all the cute ones. I do like Sandra Bullock but I only think shes a good actress I don't like love her or anything. lol.

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