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  • Questions Fans Asked Jim

    Q. What has been the most romantic thing you have done for someone...Dumbest?
    A. The most romantic thing I have ever done for for one Valentine's Day, I covered a girl's entire bedroom floor with rose petals and lit candles and asked her to go out with me.
    Dumbest thing---probably forgot someone importance's name....and then when I said their name, it was wrong, and I ended up looking like an idiot.

    Q. If you could make one difference in the world and be known for that; what would that be?
    A. I would want to be the first hearing person to play a deaf actor in a movie just because the deaf community needs exposure... and people need to be educated about the deaf world as well....Instead of being frowned upon because it's a handicap issue, which I don't really look at it that way

    Q. If you did become famous what kind of music would you like to sing?
    A. Probably something along the lines of Pop/Rock...I would love to work with Rodney Jerkins or the Neptunes.

    Q. I got tickets to the American Idol it going to be Solo's and Group singing or one or the other?
    A. We'll be performing the entire album which will be coming out the first of October.

    Q. How was the Finale? Did you have fun?
    A. The Finale was so SO much work, but SO fun.

    Q. Is the Las Vegas show going to be how the tour will look?
    A. Ummm, no it's a lot different....There are a lot of Medley's and other things added in the Las Vegas show.

    Q. What kind of impact do you think you would bring to the music industry and music fans?
    A. Well, that's kind of a hard question to ask, considering I don't want to go into the music business...Ummm, but if I DID want to go into the music industry, I think that I would bring a lot of soul, edge and pop into the music world. I'd like to be a John Mayer meets Justin Timberlake type of thing. Something new and different that no one has seen before.

    Q. What is the Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
    A. Hmmm, a lot of embarrassing things have happened to me during the show, actually. One time, me and Ryan Starr were at a club and this guy puked all over us, so we had to walk out of the club covered in this alcohol vomit concoction. It was disgusting and embarrassing.

    Q. I was just wondering what Jim's favorite color, car, CD, website, TV Channel, and TV show are?
    A. Color: Hunter Green
    Car: BMW M3
    CD: John Mayer's Room For Squares
    Website: Hmmm...I have no idea
    TV Channel: ABC
    TV Show: Will & Grace/Friends

    Q. If you were not in the business where would you be now?
    A. Honestly, I think I would still be in School, either in Chicago or California. But most likely Chicago, still studying either Musical Theater or Acting.

    Q. What has been the hardest Job you've worked for?
    A. The hardest job I've worked for would have to be Best Buy. I would be working 12 hour days and be paid crap money, And be treated like crap if I didn't sell enough for the stupid company. But I'm not still bitter or anything

    Q. If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be and why?
    A. This is an odd question. I think I would be a Koala Bear, simply because all they do is eat Eucalyptus leaves all the dang time. I would love to eat all day long and sit in trees, wouldn't you?

    Q. If you were granted one wish, what would that be?
    A. Honestly, I think I would still be in School, either in Chicago or California. But most likely Chicago, still studying either Musical Theater or Acting.

    Q. Can you describe yourself in 3 words?
    A. Outgoing, personable, and sweet

    Q. What song best describes your Life? You in General?
    A. don't know if there is a song that describes me. I've had a pretty different life than most people my age have. To my knowledge I don't think there is one, but I like a lot of songs that make me think about life in general. There's one by Sister Hazel called "Champagne High." It tells a great story about people and a wedding. You have to download it and check it out!!!

    Q. Do you have any tattoo's or piercings?
    A. Funny that question came up. I got a tattoo not too long ago, and I have one piercing in my right ear. The tattoo is red and black and is on my lower back. It's of a celtic knot. It doesn't mean anything, it just looks really cool. And it means something to me because two of my best friends in the entire world got one with me.

    Q. Can I please have Jim's email/SN? I promise I won't give it away!
    A. I get this question literally EVERY DAY. And I am so sorry to all of you who have asked, but I can't give it out. I ALWAYS forward your emails to Jim, so if you ever want to email him something, just let me know!:)

    Q. If you could be a different artist/actor for a day who would you be?
    A. I would love to be Ryan Phillippe. Or maybe Evan Ambry. They're both great looking actors, who are very talented.

    Q. Do you write songs?
    A. I do actually write songs. I haven't written any in a long time since this whole AI thing started, but I did write an entire album at one time. We'll have to see where that goes....

    Q. What is up with you going barefoot on stage during Easy?
    A. Because of the's Easy...very laid back so I wanted to portray that.

    Q. What Nationality are you?
    A. Dad was born in Kalamata, Greece, and my Mom is German.

    Q. What color is your toothbrush?
    A. Blue and Clear, It's Crest I think. And you'll be happy to know I brush my teeth like 5 times a day

    Q. Whose Jim's best friend out of the top 10 and who have you gotten closer to since being on the tour?
    A. My best friend is Ryan, and I have gotten closer to RJ, Christina, Justin, and EJ. But I am close with everyone.

    Q. Does he like the Disco Era or the Motown Era better?
    A. Disco's a lot more carefree and just let loose and there's a lot more fast I love the soul train thing.

    Q. Do you plan to watch American Idol 2?
    A. Hopefully I will be so busy I won't have to lol...but I will have to at least watch one episode.

    Q. What's his favorite part of the concert?
    A. The finale for sure....

    Q. When they announce to the bottom people that for one of them it's their last night in the "house" it really, or are you guys there a couple more nights?
    A. It is...and then we all go to a hotel

    Q. Do you get noticed and stopped a lot now that you have been on American idol?
    A. Yes, quite a bit....

    Q. What was your reaction to Tamyra getting kicked off,and now that she is off who is your choice now to win?
    A. Kelly has to win this..... I called Tamyra immediately...And tried to get a hold of her, but she wasn't there

    Q. Who are your favorite actors and actresses?
    A. Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock

    Q. When you were voted off it seemed that Ryan was really upset and you guys hugged for a really long there or was there anything between you guys besides friendship?
    A. She and I are best friends, No More, No less

    Q. Do you have an insecurities that the judges made mean comments about?
    A. No not at all...My weight was a huge insecurity, and I thought that they might say something about that, but they didn't...

    Q. Do you like your glasses? And would you ever change to contacts?
    A. I do not like my glasses, and I have been wearing contacts since my last appearance on the show.

    Q. What would your dream date be like?
    A. Ordering out, grabbing a blanket and watching a movie

    Q. OK...HONESTLY, what's going on between you and Natalie?
    A. Natalie and I are like sister and brother.

    Q. Have you had any offers for anything yet?
    A. Ummm, yeah actually quite a few...Modeling, acting, commercials,and a sitcom under development.

    Q. Have you talked to Ryan? How is she doing?
    A. Yes I have....she is doing well, getting offers from That 70's Show,and Charmed....Also doing some beauty campaigns for Loreal and Clairol.

    Q. Who are you hoping will win and who do you think will win?
    A. Hoping-Tamyra Will-Tamyra

    Q. If you didn't make it in the business just from being exposed on American Idol (we all know you will though) would you do American Idol 2?
    A. No, I wouldn't...Just something I promised myself if I made it to the top 10

    Q. I saw on some yahoo groups for you that you this true? I'm still a huge fan either way! You're awesome!
    A. LoL, I just recently quit....funny one....I've been smoke free for a month.

    Q. How Has Your Whole family reacted to the Whole American Idol thing?
    A. Ummm, well I knew they were going to be a little sad when I came home, but they also have been so supportive...and they really believe that this is going to land me something And I think so they've been great about it.

    Q. Is from being on America idols has it changed you?
    A. No, not at all...the only thing it's changed is my drive to follow my dream .If anything, it's made me realize that I actually AM talented and that people will buy my record if I happen to release one .And it's made me realize how important fans are.But it hasn't changed me. I'm still the same dorky kid from Crystal Lake.

    Q. Do you have a girlfriend?
    A. Lol...No, I'm single

    Q. I would like to know if there is anyway that we can get an autograph pic of him?
    A. If they email me, with their address, I will be sure to do that **Email Jim @

    Q. Did you get along with the hosts?
    A. Yeah, I loved both of them...very good guys

    Q. What did you think of the host?
    A. Simon--- No comment. Paula--- Love her to death.Randy---good guy, knows what he's doing

    Q. Did When I fall In Love have a special meaning to you since you sang it a couple of times during auditions?
    A. Umm, not really...I just thought it was something different that would make me stand out...especially at the first audition...everyone was singing Britney and Christina, so I thought I would sing something different, and the judges liked it.

    Q. What's Jim's Ideal girl?
    A. My ideal girl: Someone who's sweet, attractive, and has GOT to be outgoing and personable. No shyness allowed!

    Q. What was Jim's most embarrassing moment on AI?
    A. Most embarrassing moment: When I made those STUPID faces when I sang for the Semifinals...God, what was I thinking?

    Q. Do you want to act more than sing?
    A. I would love to act more than sing, although if someone approaches me first with a record, then I would love to put one out there on the shelves. I love to do both, but I think I'm a better comedic actor...

    Q. What has been the best experience you've ever had performing?
    A. A fan are the best thing about performing Because they're loyal and they love what you do.

    Q. Have you always wanted to perform?
    A. Always....whether it was singing, or acting... love being on stage. It's always felt like home to me.

    Q. I heard that you are thinking about going into acting and theater instead of singing, is this true, and if so, what made you change your mind?
    A. Ummm, I feel as though I am a better actor than singer...And I have more experience with theater as well....or acting in general, but nevertheless, I won't pass up an opportunity to make an album If someone would like to work with me, then I'd definitely work with them.

    Q. Who is the person(s) who has supported you the most through American Idol?
    A. My family and friends, definitely.

    Q. Who do you look up to most as a role model?
    A. Wow...Ummm, hard question ....I don't really believe in Role models.... I think you should believe in yourself And not try to emulate anyone But be an individual and be original.There are people that I enjoy as artists, but none that I would love to sound like, if that makes any sense...?

    Q. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live, and why?
    A. Probably Hollywood It's always been my dream to live there.Even when I was like four, I always wanted to be there.

    Q. If you were to be able to choose any type of super power (such as flying, invisibility, speed, strength, etc) to have,what would it be, and why?
    A. Strength, because in any situation you can never seem to have enough of it.

    Thanks to: The Official Jim Verraros Newsletter


    1) Jim recently finished his second semester in the musical theater program at Columbia College in Chicago.

    2) His inspirations are Janet Jackson, Elton John, and Madonna. "Anyone who is constanly trying to reinvent themselves."

    3) Jim recenly lost 70 pounds. "I ran 40 minutes everyday for a month and changed my eating habits. Now I feel a lot better about myself."

    4) He became best friends with Ryan Starr. And had said that when they called his name that he was kicked off. He looked at Ryan and she was just bawling. How sweet! But I was too!

    5) He graduated from high school with Best Vocals!

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