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Winning is fun, but you're going to have to earn it.
More scenarios are on the way.

Scenario Difficulty Peeps* Description Highlights
Bald Mountain
October, 2002
Easy Regular Trick or treat! It's Halloween time and your peeps are ready to party. Host 1800 of them by the end of year three to win. View
Intensely Evergreen Gardens
January, 2003
Challenging Extreme An RCT1 classic updated. Host 2,500 guests in four years. View
January, 2003
Expert Extreme The January, 2003 Spotlight. You'll manage this park only if you have sympathy for the Devil. Pay off your loan, and achieve a $475,000 park value to win. This one is for hard core players. View
Intensity City
February, 2003
Challenging Extreme Surf's up in Intensity City, and the gremmies are stoked. You'll need to sell $40,000 in ride tickets per month to win. So grab your woodies for some fun, fun fun. View
Pixie Dust Park
March, 2003
Easy Regular There's some magic in the air as a Pixie whispers in your ear. This is the March Spotlight. Custom scenery is used. View
Pebble Beach
May, 2003
Challenging Gentle One of the most famous golf courses in the world is now available for development as a theme park! This is a real-life landmark park. No custom scenery is used. View

* Peeps: Regular; Gentle - prefer gentle rides; Extreme - prefer high intensity rides