Pebble Beach
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By Fossil

Pebble Beach, California is home to one of the most famous golf courses in the world. With its majestic setting adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, it has attracted golfers from all over the world. The most famous hole of all, hole 7, is the centerpiece of this scenario. Come join me for a brief tour of the course.

In both the picture and the scenario screenshot above we are looking down the fairway of the fifth hole. Beyond hole 5's green and surrounding trees is the fairway for hole 6, running left to right. Hole 7 is out of both pictures to the right. In the photograph, hole 8 is visible in the distance, by the water. This is near the far edge of the scenario's park. On the real golf course, you can see the fairway for hole 9 by the water's edge, far in the distance. Hole 9 is not included in the scenario.

In the aerial photo at the top, and the satellite photo at the bottom, we get a good overview of the area used by the scenario.

The green for hole 7 is near the bottom in all images. The green for hole 8 is in the upper right hand corner of the aerial view and the scenario, but out of the satellite photo.

The satellite photo is from I purchased a one-week subscription for $4.95 to get the high (1 meter) resolution you see above. Lower resolutions are available for free.

Scenario Description

The scenario is a paid-admission park. The objective is $3,500 per month profit from stalls and stands. This is a relatively high number, making for a challenging scenario. The scenario has been set so the guests prefer gentle rides. You will find a wide variety of gentle rides, transportation rides and water rides available, with a more limited selection of coasters and thrill rides. This matches the intensity preferences of these guests. No custom scenery was used in this scenario.

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