Pixie Dust Park
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Pixie Dust Park
by Fossil

Once upon a time in a place that is far, far away lived two sisters, who were good witches, named Victoria and Patricia. They resided in a magnificent white castle that was high on a mountain, so high that it almost touched the clouds.

The king had given them the castle and the surrounding valley as a reward for their service. Years before, an evil wizard had cast a spell over the land, causing famine and pestilence. The sisters had worked their magic, which broke the spell and restored the land to its bountiful beauty.

Even to this day people throughout the land spoke of the kindness, and also of the beauty, of the two good witches.

The sisters cared for their land. Every day after they finished their crumpets and tea, they would go for a walk down the mountain. One of their favorite places was the waterfall where the bubbling river crashed down into the valley.

At the foot of the mountain, at the very edge of the valley, the two sisters created a magical garden. Here they grew some wonderful and tasty things. They planted some beans, which grew stalks clear up to the sky. They grew very special flowers and plants, and with their magic, they even grew candy! The sisters especially loved growing candy, which they gave to the children of the town nearby. They did, of course, save a piece or two for themselves.

The sisters would often walk through the garden and into the enchanted forest on the other side. In the forest was a small pond, which was called Pixie Pond. Legend had it that a Pixie lived in the forest, but the sisters had never seen her.

On the other side of the forest were green rolling hills. One day, Patricia said to her sister, "Victoria, these hills would make a beautiful garden."

"Patricia, we already have a garden. Another garden would be so much work, and this place is such a long walk from our castle!"

"Very well then," Patricia said. She wrinkled her nose, and all of a sudden began to laugh.

Victoria looked at her quizzically.

"I have an idea!" exclaimed Patricia. With a sudden wave of her hand, the hills came alive with wildflowers. "Wildflowers! They will be no work at all, and they're just beautiful."

Victoria clapped her hands in delight. They were beautiful.

The sisters then turned and started their walk toward home. They took a different route, walking along the edge of the lake. In the middle of the lake were the remnants of a volcano that had been raised by the evil wizard, a testimony to his power. With time and care, the good witches had managed to cover the formerly barren mountain with lush green trees, providing their lake with a majestic centerpiece.

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