Intensely Evergreen Gardens
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Intensely Evergreen Gardens

A Revision to an RCT1 classic
By Fossil

Evergreen Gardens was one of my favorite scenarios from the original Roller Coaster Tycoon. It's an attractive, peaceful park. I remember that I thought, "Now why would anyone want to soil a perfectly beautiful park with roller coasters?"

That just shows what I knew. Now, the sight of all that scenery gives me the urge to fire up a bulldozer.

If you've played both RCT1 and RCT2, you're undoubtedly aware that RCT2 parks will have more visitors. The original objective of Evergreen Gardens, 1,000 guests in four years, is trivially simple in RCT2. Intensely Evergreen Gardens raises the stakes - you'll need 2,500 guests in four years.

Intensely Evergreen Gardens is an "EX" (extreme) scenario. The peeps all prefer intense rides. The selection of coasters and thrill rides, and the research paths, have been altered to provide you with an appropriate selection to please the "big kids." Think about your research objectives carefully - it will make a difference.

The park is the largest of the RCT1 parks - it is nearly as large as the RCT1 Mega Park. You have plenty of room to build some behemoth coasters. The maximum loan size has been increased, so you will have the money to do so.

Make no mistake, Intensely Evergreen Gardens is a "Challenging" park. You'll have to work hard and play well to win.


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