Intensity City
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Intensity City
by Fossil

"Mr. Kahuna will see you now."

You strode into the mayor's office. It didn't look like a a government office. A large surfboard was mounted on the wall behind his desk. There were several large, framed surfing pictures, and a trophy case filled with the memorabilia of his surfing championships.

The mayor sat behind a large, formal walnut desk, feet up, revealing the tire tread design of the bottom of his sandals. He wore a bright Hawaiian shirt. His blonde, surfer hair was somewhat grey around the temples. He sported a deep tan, and his skin looked leathery.

'So this is a surfer-turned-politician,' you thought.

He gave you a warm smile. "I'm amped that you're here. I've seen your parks and they're off the Rickt. Primo."

"Thanks," you said.

"The last dude we had was bogus. A poser from the Val. Maxed out on the entrance. I gave him big guns but he got nailed. Like, he drank a Neptune cocktail and started selling Buicks. Real shore dump." The mayor sighed.

'When in Rome,' you thought. "Like, gag me," you said.


"Mr. Mayor," you said.

"Please, call me Kahuna," he said.

You took a deep breath. "Righteous. I can make this park totally gnarlatious."

"Way rad! Turn the whole park into a bone yard. Momboosa coasters. Pucker factor. The gremmies here would go off," he said.

"The gremmies?" you inquired.

"Fer sure. They do toes-on-the-nose from the time they learn to walk around here. Coasters with a face. They'll be stoked."

"Fer sure," you said.

"Let's rip," he said.

"Cowabunga! Let's rip!"

Lay it on me, dude!

The entrance. Gnarlatious enough for the average gremmie?

Drop in a few momboosa coasters and watch the gremmies get stoked and go off.

You've got the space and the guns. The pucker factor is up to you.

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