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Updated December 25!
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Welcome to all Fan Fiction lovers

A big thank you to those who've helped me!

Anakin facing the Jedi Council, Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace

Merry Christmas!
Hanukkah Greetings

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Hi There

This is a webpage dedicated all you lovers of fan fiction. It doesn't matter what sort you enjoy, there will be submissions from writers on an eclectic bunch of TV shows and movies: The Young Riders, Press Gang, Star Wars, Star Trek, and others.

Young Riders banner designed by Kirsten
This banner was designed by Kristen. You can visit her @ Vaya Con Dios Ike!

If your favourite show or movie is not mentioned, then e-mail me and I will post it along with any submission you have.

Word of advice, though I will accept submissions of stories with slash (ie male/male, female/female) situations, I don't actually read it. So if you have such stories please have them html coded yourself (there are programs like Frontpage that do that) or send them to me in text from. But I will post them with the appropriate warnings. And any story with adult content will also be suitably labeled with warnings.

Tom and B'Elanna floating in space, Day of Honor
Picture courtesy of Heather Ferguson

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Onto the Fan Fiction

Holiday Stories
The Young Riders
Press Gang
Babylon 5
Star Wars
Star Trek
Buffy and Angel
Battlestar Galactica
Trixie Belden
Moulin Rouge
Dark Angel
Harry Potter
The Professionals
Starsky and Hutch
The Sentinel
The A-Team
Pirates of the Caribbean
Earth 2
A Country Practice
The West Wing
Crossing Jordan
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The X-Files
The Dark Crystal
Original and Crossover Works


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25th December! Yes, I know I'm incredibly slow off the mark in posting Christmas stories this year. In my defence, I have been writing, it's just that the story decided to be a very long one (and it's still not finished!)

That said, I have posted the first part of Christmas Dinner, Country Style on the Christmas 11 page. And I intend to finish it soon, so I will keep posting.


27th November! Added To Fix a Mistake to The West Wing page.
Also added Humiliation and Revenge to The Dark Crystal page.


15th October! Yes, it's been a while, almost seven months! Uni work got a little out of hand, leaving little time for anything else.

Added a new page, Lost with its first story, Secret Shame
Also added Thoughts Onward to the Angel page. Although, this is not so much a new addition, but rather a re-issuing of Nic Mayer's story, something I've been doing to other pages as well. Always good to keep an eye out there.


19th March! Added The Safe Choice to the Battlestar Galactica page.
Also added The Truth Will Out to the Enterprise page. Warning, this story contains slash (m/m) and is not for anyone under 18!


19th February! Added There's This Problem... to the M*A*S*H page. Warning, this story contains mention of slash (m/m) love.
Also added a brand new page, The Dark Crystal, and a story for it: A Mother's Sacrifice.

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