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The Paranoia Page

Hello. I wish I could tell you all about me, but I canít. If I did, it would instantly doom met to death at the hands of the many agents of the New World Order, the U.S. Government, the Israeli Mossad, and Al-Qaeda who are out to get me. The have been searching unsuccesfully for me for months. They know that I know the truth, and they cannot afford for this truth to get out. Everywhere I go, I have to watch my back for these agents of evil. They are everywhere, looking like everyone. For that reason, you must know me only by my first name, Jordan.

I made this page so that I can share the Truth about many seemingly innocuous events, all of which are setting the stage for the overthrow of our world governments, to be replaced by a dictatorship of the New World Order (a branch of the United Nationís World Domination Department) in conjunction with the space aliens. Almost every single event we hear about the news, even seemingly unconnected ones, sound the march of the NWO towards domination. An example in the last year was the alleged ďcapture of the Moscow theater by Chechen separatistsĒ. The real story, which has only recently become available from reliable sources (such as tabloids and the world wide web) indicates that the story about Chechen terrorists was really only a cover for the truth: the Russian government had to surround the building because the some of the aliens in the secret laboratory underneath it escaped and started assimilating people.

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The New World Order
Which is more likely to start the New World Order?

The United States Government
A secret group of international power mongers
The United Nations

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