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X-Files: The True Story Behind the Shows

You probably notice that this page sounds like something from out of the X-Files. That's because it is. The X-Files was a brave and creative attempt by the producer to disseminate information about the global alien conspiracy to the general public. Unfortunately, shortly after the start of the series, agents of the (New World Order) NWO kidnapped and brain washed the producer, which is why he has denied in interview that the stories behind the X-Files episodes are true. In order to avoid the intense public suspicion that would arise if the popular series was instantly stopped, the NWO agents produced another couple of seasons of the show and made a movie based on the series.


According to conspiracy theorist Stewart Friend, each of the X-Files episodes was based on a real event.

"The X-Files....was an attempt to disseminate information about these government coverups to the general public...they were based on actual events (denied by the government and the UN, of course) that involved aliens, the FBI, and generally paranormal thigns. Although some of the shows were based rather loosely on the actual events in order to hopefully avoid government censorship and protect the sources, that doesn't mean that we should regard these as some far-fetched Science Fiction series...the X-Files are real"

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