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Pets: Harmless Companions or Secret Agents of the CIA?

According to a survey found online, over 153% of American households have one or more large mamalian pets (such as dogs or cats). To most of us, our cute, harmless pooch or puss is one of the few creatures we can trust in the world. But can we? If you think about it, pets would make the perfect spies. Pets have the freedom to roam the houses and yards of their owners and neighbors, even without search permits. However, most people would consider dogs and cats simply too stupid for spywork. Unfortunately for us, new evidence suggests that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been researching developing, and breeding genetically engineered cats and dogs and putting them into civilian use. These animals, by all appearances and behaviors identical to every other cat or dog, are actually semi-intelligent cyborgs with cameras and satellite transmitters to report you as soon as you cheat on your tax returns. In order to prevent the public from discovering their secret spies, the CIA has developed these animals with organic cameras, computer brains, and transmitters so that people won't get suspicious when they find metallic objects in the guts of dead animals on the highway.

Fortunately, there are ways to detect these cyborg-spies of the New World Order

The organs/cyborg components used as cameras, microphones, etc inside the animal are almost impossible to detect visually, but they do have one weakness: they reflect radiation differently than normal tissue. Here is testimony from Dr. Jakob Wrip

"I have been performing research on these 'animals' for a number of years, and I have made some important discoveries. Probably the most important is that you can detect the spypets with microwaves. Simply put your pet dog or cat in the microwave, set on high for 5 minutes, and watch. If electricity begins surging over the animals body, the cyborg-organs have ruptured and its a sure sign that your cute little pet was of the devil. Otherwise, your animal is okay and you can safely keep it without fear of it spying on you"

Dr. Jakob Wrip is currently an independant researcher after he had
to leave the University of California on charges of blowing up peoples pets

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