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The True Story of the Moon Hoax

A man in an astronaut suite walks in the desert somewhere in New Mexico

Did man ever go to the moon? Of course not. But how did they not do that? Many people have, unfortunately, believed the government produced moon hoax propaganda seen on TV. In reality, the truth is far different from what we've been led to believe. Here is the true story of how America faked the moon landings, directly from Hymoon Zi, a hippy who lived near Kennedy Space Center in the 1960s and 70s.

How America Faked the Moon Landings

"During the time I lived near Kennedy Space Center, I saw many strange goings on, including bright flashing lights late and night and alien spacecraft painted to look like U.S. rockets being test launched, but I always knew the stories about man landing on the moon was bullshit. The Astronauts NEVER went to the moon. What actually happened was that NASA would send unmanned spacecraft into space, then show recordings made on earth and say it was the space men. You see, there is way too much radiation on the moon for people to survive there, plus there's no air, but NASA had to beat the Russians, and they were wilin to do anything to do that. They took men in funny space suits out to the New Mexico desert and filmed them with black and white cameras moving around like they was in low gravity or something. As for the rockets, they would put men into the rockets right before liftoff, but the men would get out through secret trap doors that led under the rocket before launch. I am ashamed of my country and I'm proud to say that I was a draft dodger and smoked pot every day since '61."

Not only did NASA fake the moon landings, but they probably faked the whole space program! Prof. Astrinka Yryssria comments:

" addition to faking the moon landings, new research suggests that NASA faked the whole space program. A employee who was fired by NASA on charges of allegedly smoking pot during work hours said that the Agency was simply a public relations organization and that the closest the 'astronauts' got to space was a special filming set deep within a secret NASA laboratory where the 'space missions' actually took place. According to the employee (who wishes to remain anonymous) NASA had goons who would harrass anyone who asked why no men were actually in the rockets when launched. I hope that through this new information we can end NASA's 40 year reign of terror".

Hymoon Zi has been a anti-government protestor and pacifist since he discovered pot in 1961. He gives interviews to conspiracy theorist for a living.

Ph.D. Astrinka Yryssria is a part time conspiracy theorist. Since receiving her Ph.D. through the Ceedy Online Academy, she has worked toward increased government openess

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