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Preppies and Name Brand Clothing: The Yugoslavia Connection

With the new wave of preppyness sweeping our nation, many people are wondering who and what is behind this. New evidence suggests it may be the Yugoslavian clothing manufacturers who make the name brand clothing that preppies love to wear. They put small brainwashing tags in them, causing the preps to behave even more like preps (that is, decrease their levels of brain activity to still lower levels) and to buy more name brand clothing. The Yugoslavian brain washers have connections to the clothing manufacturers, and are using the profits from the sale of overpriced merchandise to fund their project for world domination. They want our youth stupid so that they can sneek in when no one is expecting them and overthrow the U.S. as a prelude to establishing a New World Order.

Prelude to an Attack

The efforts to brainwash the youth of America into brainless preppies are lead-ins to an attack-probably both military and economic-on the United States by Yugoslavian and its satellite nations. According to Col. Richard G. Sikes (CIA, Ret.), the Yugoslavians have been planning this for some time

”THOSE (censored) Yugoslavians have been planning this since they first received brainwashing technology from the commies in the 1960s! Fortunately for us, they had to wait until the supposed collapse of the communist Russian government in 1990 because of the trade restrictions they faced. Now, with increasing trade on the premises of ‘international economic development’, they are free to export their level and subversive clothing to unwary teens in the U.S. They started fads by paying certain ‘popular’ teens in prestigious preparatory schools to wear their clothing, thus beginning a wave of copycatting. THE MINDLESS TEENS HAVE NO IDEA THAT THEY ARE INTENDED AS PAWNS OF THE YUGOSLAVIANS!!!! As soon as some Yugi general pushes a button, all the hidden programming in the youth of America will activate, ordering them to make suicide attacks on government facilities, schools, and other institutions!”

I believe that the attacks on highschools, such as at Columbine, were actually tests of the brainwashing, or perhaps accidental activations of the subversive programming. These attacks actually have the advantage of furthering the plans of the EVIL ONES, as students nationwide attempt to distance themselves from freaks in black trench coats by buying more “Tommy Gear” and “Abercrombe” clothing, thus brainwashing themselves even more.

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