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This is a short program for doing synthetic division with a Casio CFX-9850GB Plus.

SNYTAX NOTE: The symbol => is not, equal to or greater than, but is the symbol obtained by [SHIFT], [PRGM],[F3],[F3]. The symbol that looks like a triangle, is not a triangle, but the symbol obtained by [SHIFT], [PRGM],[F3].

DISCLAIMER:  This program is free, and, therefore, I make no claims about it's efficacy, efficiency, or proper operation.  If you find a problem with this program, or can suggest an improvement, please e-mail me at  .

Program Running Note: When running the program, the coefficients must be entered in list format at the prompt. For example, x2 +3x +2 would be entered as {1, 3, 2}. Be sure to use braces rather than brackets or parentheses. You can read the remainder from the display, but it you want it displayed, press EXE after the list is displayed.

Memory Usage:  This program uses 164 bytes of memory.  I estimate that an inexperience programmer can enter it in about 15 minutes.

Revisions:  This program has not been revised as of 9/30/04.

Enter the following for the program:






"V1.0 FKizer"


Lbl 0




"COEFFS="?→List 1




Dim List 1® N


N® Dim List 2


List 1 [1]® List 2[1]


First step of synthetic div

For 2 ® I To N


Z*List 2[I-1]+List 1[I]® List 2[I]


Next steps of synthetic Div



List 2


Displays answer + rem in list 2

Locate (1,2, "REM="


Locate (6, 2, List 2[N]

  Displays remainder only

Last Revised: 7/1/03