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      Although one can solve a system of equations using the EQUA function, the CFX-9850 Plus will not do ref and it will not display a matrix in ref or rref format.  Since students in classes such as college algebra often have the TI-83 which does ref and rref,  this program was designed to give the Casio CFX-9850 Plus the capability to convert a matrix to  ref (row-echelon form) or  rref (reduced row-echelon form)  using a format similar to the TI-83.  This program, REFRREF1,  must have the Casio program ROWREDA activated in order to do rref.  To activate that program do this:  Go to the PRGM Icon and press EXE; Press F6; then F5; scroll down to U.S.A and press EXE; scroll down to ROWREDA and press EXE.   The program will now be loaded. 

Running the Program:  Unlike several of my other programs, the student does not participate in this program other than to enter the matrix in position A and select either rref or ref.  As usual when entering a new matrix, I recommend entering each number anew rather than just replacing the changes in the previous matrix.
Memory used and entry time:  This program uses 311 bytes of memory and 243 bytes are required for ROWREDA.  I estimate that an inexperienced programmer can enter it in 10 to 15 minutes.

Use of this Program:  You may use this program freely for your own personal use and for the use of other students, but use for publication or any means of profit requires my permission.
Keystroke Note: The symbol _| is the fraction symbol obtained by pressing
a b/c. and the symbol => is not equal to or greater than, but the symbol obtained by SHIFT, PRGM, F3, F3. The triangle is the symbol obtained by pressing SHIFT, PRGM, F5.

Versions:  Version V1.0 was entered on 8/30/03; version V1.1 was entered on 9/30/04.  The basic idea of execution has not changed.






Program designation

"V1.1 FKizer"


:Lbl 0


" 1 REF"


"2 RREF"




Enter the selection from the menu.



Dim Mat A


List Ans[1→A


Stores # of rows in variable A.

List Ans[2→B


Stores # of columns in variable B.

Mat A→Mat C



For 1→K To R-1


For K→J To R


Mat C[J,K]≠ 0 =>Break




:If J≠K


:Then Swap C, J, K


: IfEnd


:For K+1→J To R


:-Mat C[J,K]_|Mat C[K,K] →H


:If H0


:Then *Row+ H, C, K,J










:For 1→J To R



If Mat C[J,K]≠0   Minimize div by zero error.

:Then 1_|Mat C[J, K] →N


:*Row N, C, J




:Mat C




:Lbl 5