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Thanks You's


We would like to say thank you to the following:

- Hey everyone, Tara here.. I would first like to say thanks to Evan! Yo Evan thanks for all your help, love ya!! Krista, girl thanks for helping me with some of my stuff!! You know what it is! I know i am Becki and Dawn you guys are great friends.. And to everyone that sent me picutures and things of the guys "Thanks".. And well last but not least B4-4.. You guys rock!! Keep up the great success!! Love ya all! Tara =o)

-Hi Guys! This is's about time I write something on here! First of all...Thank you SO much to Tara for showing me the ropes and putting up with me!! Also....Thank you to Chad "The Pog" Martin, the world's BEST Radio DJ for hooking me up with the latest info! And of course....Ashleyburger and the cactus in the Sky! That's about it for now, but i'll be back! Congratulations to B4-4 on ALL their success!!


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