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Fan Art


Fan Fictions writen by you the fans.. Did you write one send it to us


Dan's my man
writen by Jess,

*clears throat*
dan, dan u're my man,
i'm your biggest fan,
no one can do u like i can.
you're the hottest guy i've eva seen
you would even look good in a thong,heehee
the way u're ass curves is oh so rite,
u're chest and muscles are firm and tight

In my dreams
writen by Kelly

When I used to go to bed at night,
I'd dream of a wounderful guy.
When I closed my eyes,
A vision of him quietly creeped into my thoughts.
When i woke up the next morning,
The vision of him was imprinted in my mind.
He was funny, charming, caring and sweet.
He made me feel whole and complete.
I could never see his face though,
The face of the man I so longed for.
I often woundered how he could creep ino my dreams.
When I never met him, and yet he was so real.
Then one day I met you,
And I felt like I was dreaming.
You were funny charming, caring and sweet.
You made me feel whole and complete.
It took me some time to realize, I hadn't dreamed you up.
You were always there, I just hadn't found you yet.
Now when I go to sleep at night,
I have a face to put to the one that quietly creeps into my thoughts.
It's You.
You are my dream come true.

A Simple Wish
writen by Kelly

Look into the sky so bright
twinkling shining throughout the night
all you see is so far out of touch
a simple wish never seems like much

As you close you eyes very tight
you wish and pray with all your might
that this simple wish would come true
it would make you happy and joyful too.

You cuddle up in your warm bed
and think about what you've just said
was it to much for me to ask
or maybe it's just to big a task.

As you lay down to sleep
you don't want to utter a single peep
you think to yourself, oh ya right
it's not going to happen in the middle of the night

So you take one last look in the sky
and say to yourself how, when and why
could this wish ever come true
well it might have been that one simple wish
That God had made YOU!


Drawn by: Kelly Woodrow

Dawn by: Karen


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