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All the latest news on B4-4

-(TORONTO, September 13th, 2001) MuchMusic Vice President David Kines today announced that The 2001 MuchMusic Video Awards - slated to air LIVE on September 23rd - will be cancelled in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist action in the U.S. "It is a time of uncertainty, a time to mourn, and to collect our thoughts and prayers. Out of respect for the victims and their families, MuchMusic has chosen to cancel this, the 12th edition of the annual event - and return in September 2002," said Kines. source=
- is now reporting that the B4-4 "live @much" segment will take place on June 21st. Sorry for the confusion!!
- Rumour has it that our boys will get their very own Live @ Much show on June 12th. It's not too official yet but, if it's true we can expect performances and an exeptional interview as always! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more info!
- Lock your dial into CTV on Saturday, May 19 'cause you won't want to miss b4-4's performance on the network's slick new 'Sonic Temple.' The show airs at 10:00 p.m. ET. (source
-I t's official – Ryan, Dan and Ohad can remove the Gold plaques from their wall and replace them with shiny new Platinum discs! With mega-hits like "Get Down," "GO GO" and "Everyday," it was only a matter of time before b4-4 reached this momentous mark with their self-titled debut. (source
- B4-4 said to be on this years Phyko Blast tour.. More information coming soon
- B4-4 on CTV -- The guys have been booked to perform on a brand new, as-yet-untitled entertainment show on CTV. If you'd like to be in the house when b4-4 tape their spot on Sunday, April 8, hit the network off at (416) 934-4767. Tickets for this Toronto, ON network appearance are FREE!
-SkyDome -- B4-4 will hit the SkyDome AstroTurf in Toronto, ON to sing the national anthems on Tuesday, April 10.
- B4-4 on Jenny Jones -- B4-4 will be on Jenny Jones on April 6th on a show titles "Stars of Tomorrow", check local listings for time and channel
-b4-4 Up For Awards! -- b4-4 is in the running for two trophies at the 2001 Canadian Radio Awards. You can support Ryan, Dan and Ohad's bid for the Best New Pop/Adult Group and Best New Top 40 Group by heading over to the official Canadian Music Week site and casting an online vote. The ballot boxes will be open until the end of March. (source - b4-4 Chat
Attention AOL members – the site has invited b4-4 to step online for an exclusive chat session with their subscribers. Members can gab with Ryan, Dan and Ohad at 4:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 1. (source
- Gut Spillin' Action
It obviously doesn't take much prodding to get b4-4 to Spill Their Guts. The talkative trio do it twice in the near future with a pair of appearances on the popular Global T.V. show.
Catch b4-4's spots at 11:30 a.m. ET on Saturday, February 24 and at the same time on Saturday, March 24 (source
- b4-4 will be in Popstar! Mag's June 01 issue
- Dan, Ryan and Ohad will be there when the 2001 Juno Award ceremonies get started at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, ON. In even bigger news… the guys will be up for their first Juno award with a nomination for Best New Group! Remember to also cheer on Jay Levine and James McCallum in the Best Producer category for their work on b4-4's breakthrough single, "Get Down." The show airs Sunday,March 4th
- OMG it is great B4-4's video "Everyday" is at number 2 this week.. way to work everyone!
- B4-4's Everyday video debuted at number 17 and go go is still at number 12..
- Ryan, Dan and Ohad are going to invade your TV set this weekend when they pop up on TVO's 'Vox' at 7:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, December 10.
- B4-4 if giong to be featured in depth on CTV's 'Portraits' with Sandi Rinaldo. Check local listings for showtimes.
- The new Everyday video is now on much music, go and request it.
- b4-4 were recently were signed to Ford Modelling Agency, and are planning to do a show in this year’s ‘Supermodel of the World’ international contest held in Puerto Rico next month.
- Keep out an eye for the guys to be on YTV's Holiday special.. more info when we find out more..
- On Tuesday, Nov.14th Much Music released their CD, Much Dance 2001. Guess who's there?!?! B4-4 is among the masters of pop with "Get Down"
- This weekend of the 10th B4-4's video "Go GO" is number 5 on the hit list.. come on people go and vote for the video..
- The hitlist's year end countdown will air in two parts. Part one will be shown on December 22/23 and part two will be shown on December 29/30. If you want to vote write a message to with the subject "#1 video of the year". We can take the boys to #1!! **note: you can only vote ONCE per email address!
- For all of you who heard the B4-4 will be appearing in the "Josie and the pussycats" movie, the news has now changed. Apperently, The boys were there to entertain the extras and profide good crowd shots that were needed for movie.
- b4-4 will be getting back with their fans with an in-store performance at the new Eaton Centre Sony Store in Toronto. Stop by to catch an introduction ceremony, live performance and autograph session with the hottest boy band on the planet! Remember to get there early - autographs are limited to the first 200 people and a wristband policy is in full effect. Ryan, Dan and Ohad's will take the stage at The Eaton Centre, just inside the Trinity Way entrance on the third floor, on Thursday, November 2. Introductions begin at 5:25 p.m., ET.
- B4-4's video "Go Go" is number 3 this week on YTV'S Hit List (Oct. 20,21st)
- Ryan, Dan and Ohad were on Canada AM, Tuedsay, Oct. 17th. They performed "Get Down" and "Everday".. To all of you who missed it find someone who taped it!! It was great!!


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