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Do you have sure signs that you are obsessed? Send them to us

Sure signs to tell if you're obsessed.....

1. You refuse to commincate with ANYONE in the car while B4-4 is playing on the radio.

2. You never get out of the car until "Go Go" is finished, even it means getting a detention for being late for school.

3. You carry a picture of them in your wallet, draw a heart around Ohad's face and tell people, "He's my husband, he just doesn't know it yet..."

4. You scream and jump up and down whenever someone says "B4-4"

5. When "Go GO" comes on the raise the volume all the way up and say "that's the ONLY way to listen to the song"

6. You make a B4-4 website.(lol)

7. You call in and request B4-4's songs so much, the DJ knows your first name.

8. You tell all your friends you're going to move to Toronto when you finish school.

9. You write "[your first name] Kowarsky,Einbinder all over your diary/journal.

10. You force everyone to listen to B4-4's album so they can "understand".

11. Your friends ban you from talking about B4-4 at lunch.

12. Your parents take to a shrink to see about your so-called "unhealthy" obbession.

13. Your mom knows everything about them cause you talk about them so much.

14. You listen to your cd so much and so loudly that your parents, siblings, parent's friends, sibling's friends and your friends know all the lyrics to all the songs and all the song titles by heart.

15. You talk about them so much that anyone you know personally telephones you if they see ANYTHING about them anywhere

16. You're know as "That B4-4 girl" at school.

17. Your DAD who's never home knows ALL the words to EVERY B4-4 song because when he is home that's the only thing he can hear.

18. You know your obsessed with B4-4 when your sister gets mad at you because you've been on the internet checking out the same B4-4 sites.

19. When you print picture after picture after picture after picture (etc.) of each member off the internet.

20. When you get mad because your sister, friend, or someone else likes the same guy as you

21. When you know more about them than you do of your best friend or even yourself.

22. You talk about B4-4 so much that your mom is now having dreams about them! (ack!!)

23. You have to buy a new CD because it is literaly worn out.

24. You run the ink out of dad's printer cause you've been printing out so many pics of your future husband, (dan,ryan or ohad)

25. Your little brother sings "Go GO and Get Down " in the shower because he can hear it through the walls when your listening to it. (it has happended)

26. Whenever anyone mentions your fave B4-4 guy you get a huge grin on your face.

27. You have B4-4 on your mind 24/7.

28. I drool when I hear Ryans name ( submitted by

29. U have no room on ur walls any more cause u put so many pics of them on your wall (submitted by
30. When you go to a game or event(the Blue Jays game) just to see them sing(the national anthym)-- (from B4-4 Fanatic)
31. Your friends roll your eyes and say "change the subject" when you start talking about them. --(from B4-4 Fanatic)
32. You walk around with a dreamy look on your face because one of the guys actually touched you! -- (from B4-4 Fanatic)


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